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###What we do

Software Development

Lemonaide enables its chosen clients to gain competitive advantage through the delivery of technology solutions on a best-fit basis. Since problems aren’t standard, there can’t be a standardised approach to building software. Lemonaide is thus program language agnostic and chooses one that best fits the project based on its specific nuances. As information architects, our programmers specify granular detail of the chosen application behaviour in producing solutions

We love the start-up culture - our process seeks to shape a solution that allows our chosen clients to launch products/services to market as soon as possible to give them the best opportunity to succeed. To ensure completeness of service offering, Lemonaide has leading class Cloud and Hosting Services.

###OUR COMPETENCE- Advancing Data Science

This subset of AI has been selectively deployed within our data mining process of semi-structured and structured data. Historically time consuming processes have been assigned to trained Bots to successfully collect data from source, process it and generate it for analytical consumption.

Social Network Analysis
Our data is structured optimally for visual extraction and display of relationships/interactions that connect them. Our visually appealing graphic representation provides users the ability to assess qualitative networks by varying the nodes of data having a bearing on the subject matter of interest.

Data Digitization
Our scripts have resulted in the digitization of numerous official documents previously available in pdf format; historically uneditable and inefficient in their use. The capability has resulted in tangible benefits to our subscribing clients quantified in measures of time and money. Transformed data has a resting place in our growing digital library, a reliable and convenient point of reference for users of select data.

Big Data
The volume, velocity, variety and variability of data falling within the realm of our area of focus calls for the optimisation of mined data and consistent storage of relevant data for decision-making by our clients. The organization, linking and relationship of sourced data through our deployed structure results in the rendition of value to the analyst users of our data. In short, our nodal approach to Big Data helps to find relationships and make sense of connected data more easily

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