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284 Oak Avenue, Randburg, Johannesburg

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Leadhome is a mid-stage startup in the real estate industry. We are ambitious, innovative and fast-growing.

What we do

We’re a next generation property sales business – taking the best aspects of the traditional estate agency model and combining these with smart tech to deliver a superior product at the lowest price to our clients.

We’re disrupting a stagnant and much-loathed industry, and well on our way to fundamentally change the South African and international estate agency landscape. Our business model is proven, with scores of real, happy clients already served.

Our Culture

We are a young and small company, but with big ambitions. The working atmosphere is open, collaborative and flexible, and we value hard work, innovation and excellence.

We’re light on bureaucracy and big on communication.

Our Values

We've structured our company around 10 core values:

  • Focus on the client - No shortcuts, no other priority
  • Default to yes/open - We believe in saying "yes". "No/closed" will only win when there's a sound reason.
  • Hire the best people - You are only hired at Leadhome if you're better at somebody within the company in some meaningful way.
  • Empower everyone to act like a founder - Every employee at Leadhome gets equity, so everyone is an owner of the company, and therefore has the responsibility to act like one.
  • The best idea wins - Leadhome is a meritocracy. Aggressively challenge the status quo and attack things differently
  • We’re a team – so we talk to each other - If you have an idea, if there's something bothering you, spot an opportunity to improve even the smallest process - get up and go talk to the person responsible.
  • Failure is an option - No-one has done what we're doing and sometimes we're winging it. Because our goals are ambitious we take risks, and sometimes we will fail – and that’s okay.
  • Boredom is not an option - If you have down time, don't sit around. Work on something that interests you, start a project, get involved with something out of your comfort zone.
  • Speed is the basis for success - Whether developing new software (ship & iterate) or responding to a customer query.
  • We take work and play seriously - - We build & deliver excellent products and service, and we’re busy doing something that nobody has done before. We do it whilst having some fun. This means we get together to socialize often, respect family time, and when someone’s on leave, we strictly limit communication to emergencies only.

What you'll be building

We are building the world's best real estate platform. This includes

  • Customer-facing software - where people can self-service all their property needs (both buyers and sellers)
  • Automation software - a human shouldn't do what a computer can do better
  • Back-office and CRM software - enabling our staff to deliver the best, most efficient service to our clients

Our development process

We follow a roughly agile/lean process, loosely based on Scrum. We work in 2-week sprints with daily “standups” on video calls. We adapt our processes and workflows as needed – nothing is set in stone.

We like clean, high quality code and great UX. All code is automatically tested and deployed to a development environment when it’s committed. We deploy to production as soon as it’s ready (sometimes once in 2 weeks, sometimes multiple times a day).

Who you'll be working with

Check out the team at https://www.leadhome.co.za/meet-the-team

Opportunities for growth

You'll be working in a small team, so you'll never get silo'd, and you'll get exposed to technologies you haven't worked with before. We set the bar high when hiring, so everyone on the team is really good at what they do. You'll gain a deep insight into how a business and product is built from the ground up, with exposure to different skills and personalities, including tech, sales, finance and business.

We'll also happily provide you with learning and training resources (e.g. a Pluralsight subscription) as required.

Our interview process

We tailor every interview according to the individual's background and skills. The process is roughly as follows (not necessarily in order):

  • A quick phone or Skype call with our CTO to see if we’re on the same page in terms of expectations.
  • A technical interview where we test your knowledge and see how you solve problems. If you have your own computer, we prefer that you do it on your own machine, where you’ve got your own environment set up the way you like it. You can use Google/StackOverflow/whatever you need.
  • A meeting with the entire product team and management team, to see if you’re a fit for our culture, and for you to see if you want to work with us.
  • A small take-home project to do in your own time, where we see how you approach a real-world development task.
Best people in the industry!
Flexible working hours
Beautiful office with lots of natural light
No dress code
Everyone gets equity
Work with the latest and greatest tech
Great coffee
Pluralsight subscription
Remote & semi-remote friendly
Great hardware
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
.Net Core 2.0



Business Tools

Google Apps
Visit from King Price CEO Gideon Galloway
Month-end dinner & drinks at the Brian Lara.
Planning for 2017
Being a startup means we get excited for every new piece of furniture.