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Bryanston, Johannesburg

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LarcAI is a specialised software and services company, a new start-up in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) field – agile and dynamic.

We craft Intelligent Process Automation(IPA) robots by combining Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence powered cognitive services such as Optical Character Recognition (OCR), computer vision, language(NLP), speech, predictive analytics, tacit object models (emulate the decision-making ability of a human expert), virtual assistants and many more to drive competitive advantage.

Best of breed services and technologies such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services, ABBYY, Merlyn TOM are leveraged, as well as other localized libraries for computer Vision, biometrics, machine learning, classification, clustering and deep neural networks, utilizing parallel and GPU computing on the local installation.

Using Skilled resources, LarcAI will pull all of this together by the means of using UIPath, the award winning RPA technology based on Microsoft Workflow Foundation. UIPath’s open architecture allows us to incorporate not only best of breed third party technologies but also to develop custom components for unique problems.

For customers who don’t want to invest in commercial RPA software solutions LarcAI can also automate processes using Microsoft Workflow Foundation enhanced with our own activities which include Selenium and Appium based on W3C standards. We further developed our own Cognitive Activities for Workflow Foundation to enhance UIPath and SharePoint Workflow.

Our Hiring Process

  1. Initial culture fit interview.
  2. Second technical interview with our CTO.
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