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Lab Rabbit Studios is a Growth Hacking Agency, bridging the gap between Growth Science and Creative by creating unique, fast and scalable ways for products and businesses to acquire and retain customers across the entire customer journey. We're a team of Product Managers, Marketing Experts and Data Nerds looking to find a 10x formula for every business we work with. We specialize in Product Strategy and Management, Growth Strategy, System and UX Design, System and Marketing Automation, Digital Marketing, Experimentation, Creative Communication, Web Design, Campaign and Product Optimization, and coming up with crazy ideas to improve customers experience and increase business value! This is all done through our Growth Hacking Process (our SDLC) for each client where we Ideate, build and test our crazy ideas.

Why Work For Us

We are a small team with big ambitions. Working with us means joining a team during an exciting time, where your voice can be heard and you have the ability to take ownership in what you do and get invoolved in building new processes for the business. We leverage the latest technologies, are always inquisitive and curious, and are willing to try new exciting things.

Our Culture

We are a very small, close team. We like learning, moving fast, working hard and knowing when to have a break. We operate under a culture of extreme ownership and meritocracy. We are always looking for new ways to do something, continuously curious and get stoked when we find a new way of doing something that rockets performance of our clients. We believe in providing an environment where everyone's ideas are valued and everyone has the opportunity to contribute, grow and excel.

Our Growth Hacking Processes

Our growth hacking process is designed to win fast and fail faster. We brainstorm ideas quickly, build them out as experiment campaigns, launch, analyse and update the strategy. We create a product growth roadmap, and experiment backlog to prioritise what we should build and test next. Our day-to-day can look very different depending on what experiment we are building. Sometimes it's a complete revamp of the product strategy, other days we are in make.com automating a customer onboarding flow.

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