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What we do

Our core business is the development of custom-tailored software solutions in B2B environments (e.g. insurance, automotive, finance, public administration) based on Java and web technologies using agile methodologies. With our user-centric approach, we do not only focus on supporting users in getting their work done properly but also on enjoying the software tools we deliver.

We also offer consulting and training services to enable our customers to choose the best possible technology for their projects and to improve their way of developing software. Furthermore Karakun and its employees are very active members of the open source community. We are well known for our variety of contributions, for co-organizing, and for actively participating in international and local conferences.

Karakun was established in 2018 and is home to more than 60 employees based in Switzerland, Germany, and India. Currently we offer positions in Dortmund, Stuttgart and Basel.

Why it's great to work here

At Karakun, we ask a lot of our employees, so we give much in return. In addition to an attractive salary, flexible annual working hours, flat hierarchies, and short decision-making processes, we offer our employees further benefits including

  • Work-life balance Let us know if you would like to skip the commute and would rather attend your appointments and hit your deadlines from home. In addition we grant you a 40-hour week and 30 days of vacation.

  • Freedom of choice Independently manage your generous personal hardware and education budget. Choose the hardware, training, and certification courses that work best for you.

  • Community Take an active part in conferences as a speaker and present your latest discoveries and the things that are close to your heart to the audience.

  • Family friendliness Thanks to extensive parental leave regulations, you will also receive your wages when you spend time with your newborn children. Unpaid leaves are also possible if required.

  • Ownership After a year at Karakun, you may purchase company shares and thus benefit directly from our joint success.

  • Sports During lunch breaks, enjoy time together with your colleagues playing football, climbing or jogging.

  • Social Activities After work, you can regularly meet and chat with your co-workers at sponsored activities.

  • Code Camp Join our Code Camps in the Swiss Alps and near Dortmund, Germany twice a year. Here we try out new ideas, methods and technologies.

  • Continuous Improvement Share your suggestions at our annual Continuous Improvement Workshop (CIW), where all colleagues come together to discuss how and in which areas we can improve.

  • Mentor Discuss and plan your personal development and education with your jour fixe partner, who will support you from day one.

  • Open Source Join our efforts to give back to the developer community.

How we conduct our hiring process

First we will invite you to an interview where we can get to know each other. Two members of the executive board will be present and answer all the questions you might have. If both sides decide to continue, you'll have the opportunity to visit our headquarter office and meet more colleagues during a half-day trial. If both sides are then interested in a commitment, we will make you a job offer.

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