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What we do

We help our clients to unleash the potential of their people across various industries and types of organisations with a focus on offering PEOPLE SOLUTIONS that are SCIENTIFIC, CLIENT-CENTRED and TECHNOLOGICALLY ENABLED.
We believe that people can perform when there is a fit between who they are and what is demanded of them. Furthermore, all people have the potential to grow, learn, and adapt when provided with the opportunity and the motivation to do so.

Our solutions fit into the various stages of the talent management lifecycle, but can generally be clustered into the following focus areas:

Identification of talent

Examples include:
• High volume hiring
• Executive selection
• Succession planning
• Selection for team performance (i.e. agile, virtual, entrepreneurial and innovation teams)
• Identifying person-job and organisational fit for current and future roles
In all the above examples the underlying principle is that person-job and organisational fit drives sustainable performance in individuals, teams, and organisations. We measure fit on multiple dimensions to achieve an optimal balance in current and future performance.

Development of talent

Examples include:
• Assessment feedback
• Skills gap analyses
• Team optimisation
• Leadership development
• Behavioural skills training
• Ongoing survey feedback

Data analytics and evidence

Examples include:
• Learning analytics
• Talent insights
• Data storytelling
• Interactive reporting

Why Work For Us

We have a passion for people, potential, and performance. We exist to empower people to thrive in any context. We're an established company with an entrepreneurial mindset and we offer many different kinds of products and solutions. We do have existing technology platforms and are looking to ramp up to the next level.

Our Culture

We take our work seriously, but we like to have fun, so both excellent performance and employee well-being are important to us. Collaboration is at the heart of the business, as we like to see ourselves as a team of teams. We are adamant about working in an ethical way and have strict professional guidelines that inform the way we work. That being said, we like to approach challenges with a problem-solving and flexible mindset that allows agile and innovative solutions to be developed. We treat each other with respect and care for one another like family (a well-functioning one, that is). We also never stop learning. Oh, and generally we like to have a good laugh together.

Our Hiring Process

Interested candidates will be asked to complete a psychometric assessment to determine initial fit with the business. The next steps will involve additional assessments and a final panel interview.

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Application and Data

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Microsoft Sharepoint
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