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Denver, Colorado and Stellenbosch, South Africa

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What we do

JourneyApps is a fast-growing startup with offices in Denver, Colorado and Stellenbosch, South Africa.

We enable large organizations to digitally transform their business processes through mobile and desktop applications, which are developed and hosted on our JourneyApps Platform. We partner with these organisations, typically large industrial companies in the United States, transforming their manual non-integrated business processes and delivering significant gains in efficiency and accuracy.

Why work for us

The market for enterprise mobile apps alone is huge — estimated at $100 billion. Within this space, we have found that most large industrial companies are playing catch-up when it comes to digital transformation. Everywhere we look, and with whomever we speak to at these companies, we find business leaders frustrated with the long lead times and significant expense associated with implementing business process apps.

JourneyApps offers a product-service hybrid to customers to digitally transform their business processes — we combine our product, the JourneyApps Platform, with an awesome implementation service that together radically simplifies going from manual non-integrated business processes to automated, app-driven business processes.

Amongst app development platforms, the JourneyApps Platform is unique in the way that it uses high-level scripting for abstraction and creating leverage for solution developers. JourneyApps uses a JavaScript based Domain Specific Language (DSL) for solution development.

Our overall product-service model is also a strong differentiator. Our offering is packaged as a subscription service, and our implementation service includes continuous enhancements to ensure customers’ apps keep evolving to meet changing business needs.

We have a sophisticated multitenant cloud-native full-stack application development platform with an experienced, all-star team behind it.

As a Platform Engineer, you can expect to be challenged every day. You will form part of a team that develops the platform using the latest web, mobile, and infrastructure technologies. Your work will directly empower Solutions Engineers to work faster and build better apps, as well as the users of the apps built on our platform to do their job better.

As a Solution Engineer who develops apps for customers you will use a world-class platform to solve real and complex business problems, and you can see the results of your work almost immediately. You will work on solutions for multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 customers in the US. Some of our solutions integrate with the largest enterprise systems in the world.

JourneyApps has apps deployed on all six continents, with over 100 customers using our apps daily. We have ambitious goals — to become the #1 partner and platform for digital transformation of business processes for industrial companies, and to build a highly valuable business.

Joining JourneyApps means you will join an intelligent, ambitious and hard-working team who love to solve problems, believe in individual autonomy and mutual trust when working together, and are building a global business working with the companies that power the world. Delighting and surprising customers with our speed and agility on a daily basis is what motivates us!

Our culture

Think of the cohesive, agile and adaptable JourneyApps team as a flock of birds. We fly to great heights together without a lot of formal coordination, because our core values help us cooperate, move fast and adapt fast — even if we are a bunch of teams a scattered across two continents.

The core values that guide the collective behaviour of the JourneyApps flock are:

Cooperation = unite + win
Work together, win together. We take collective ownership of our mission; there’s no “them” — just “us”.

Autonomy = trust + own
We are a group of exceptional people and we trust every member of our team to be excellent at their job, to do the right thing, and to do what’s best for our team — wherever, whenever.

Growth = learn + communicate
The better we communicate, the more we can learn from each other. We spread new ideas, give feedback, and provide all the facts so we can learn and grow together.

Ambition = dream + excel
We go above and beyond to produce excellent work and get real results. We care deeply about where the company is going, give urgency to all the tasks at had, and get our hands dirty. We try new things, make mistakes, and learn — fast.

Encouragement = help + care
We go the extra mile for every member of the JourneyApps community — both customers and team members — and encourage others to do so too. We are always approachable, helpful, and supportive.

Social = fun + friendly
We have strong social cohesion, through friendly, fun and funny team members. We laugh together, we keep things light, and we always see the bright side.

Our Engineering Processes

We score 11/12 on the Joel Test.

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process consists of four steps to determine whether you are a good fit for JourneyApps, and whether we are a good fit for you:

1) We do a 20-minute phone screening to validate what you're looking for matches what we need.
2) We then do a 60-minute phone interview discussing non-domain specific topics where we test your macro-skills covering topics such as system design, approaches to debugging, etc.
3) Then there is a take-home micro-skills coding challenge whereby you need to build a very basic app on the JourneyApps Platform (typically does not take candidates more than 3 days if they have JavaScript experience).
4) An in-person interview with your prospective team leader in the Stellenbosch office so that you can meet the team you'll be working with on a daily basis.

Universal Equity Policy
Daily Catered Lunch
Flexible Hours
Cutting Edge Hardware
Remote Working
Multi-cultural Team
Ample Vacation Time
International Exposure
Great Coffee
No Dress Code
Parking Bay
Competitive Salaries
Healthy Snacks and Fruit
Dog Friendly
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Apache Cordova
Microsoft Azure


Travis CI
Circle CI


Amazon Route 53
Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps

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