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What we do

The Internet of Impact for Sustainable DeFi and Impact Verification.
Built on inter-connected ixo-Cosmos blockchain networks, with nodes operated by the leading sustainability organisations and impact market-makers across all geographic regions and sectors.
Providing an essential digital finance and data infrastructure for sustainable social, environmental and economic development, and to mitigate impacts of the Climate Crisis.
Founded with the vision of creating a digital immune system for humanity.

Why Work For Us

Get in early on a really exciting ambitious project backed by some large organisations. It's cool to say your company is listed on exchanges. You'll meet people from all parts of the world working on inspiring projects. It's tech meets the real world.

Our Culture

Super interesting talented team members based all over the world. Everyone has unique skills and are generally thought leaders in their specific niche.

Our Hiring Process

15 interviews followed by lengthy tests, the top 3 will enter a raffle and the winner will be chosen for the role.... it's actually more just a friendly interview and then take it from there.

Your in-laws will never ask follow up questions after you tell them what you do.
Quarterly Bonuses
Can get paid in Crypto
Attend funky crypto conferences all over the world
Literally help save the planet
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Application and Data