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Investec is on a mission to build a world-class tech team through OfferZen.

Investec is committed to drive growth and innovation in the tech community.

MERGE Presentation: Wayne Summers on Opening Up Financial Services to Grow the SA Tech Ecosystem

In this talk, Wayne Summers explains how Investec hopes to unlock more opportunities within the SA tech ecosystem through opening up APIs and investing in programmable banking.

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“Selective Learning”: How to Turn Your Levelling up into a Daily Practice

Malini Chetty, Development Lead at Investec, streamline her learning. This way, she can be selective about what she learns, and stay relevant as a dev. Here’s how she makes levelling up a daily practice.

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Programmable Banking: Update on Dev Community Projects and the New OpenAPI Build

Willem Fisser and Charl Kruger give an update on the Programmable Banking project, highlighting the exciting community builds community and the OpenAPI build.

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What we do

At Investec, we are more about creating paths than following them. Distinctly different by desire, we strive to live Out of the Ordinary. The same can be said about the people we employ. We look for qualities others may not recognise as valuable because what makes you unique cannot be captured on paper.

Why Work For Us

Entrepreneurial learning

We invest in developing and upskilling our people, while encouraging them to be the driving force behind their own growth. By leading their own development journeys, our colleagues maximise the learning opportunities that are most relevant to their needs.

The work is the learning, the learning is the work

At Investec, we believe that learning exists in all that we do. It should not be confined to courses or programmes, nor should it be considered a one-off event. Rather, learning is an everyday practice and a lifelong opportunity.

Challenge, be challenged, grow

The culture at Investec fosters open and honest dialogue. We continuously enhance performance through immediate and direct feedback at an individual, team and organisational level. Our people are empowered to be direct, challenge convention and truly drive their and their team’s development.

Our Culture

Our people is our culture. They come from all over the world with various academic, ethnic and social backgrounds. We work hard to create and provide a stimulating and progressive working environment. Investec looks to employ and inspire entrepreneurial, free thinkers with a social conscience.

While some bureaucracy is unavoidable, Investec believes in a flat-managerial structure. Employees experience a great deal of autonomy, allowing them to be individuals, flourish and realise their true potential.

Our Engineering Processes

Let the team tell you themselves

Our Hiring Process

At Investec, we are a human environment first and then a corporation. Working here you have to come as your self, an open honest individual. We work and want to work with real human beings, which is why we rarely believe in tests and assessments, it's about who you are, how you work and what you add to the team rather than the titles, rank or degrees you've accumulated.

Our hiring process is set up to do exactly that, to get to know you (as a character, as a human being) and you to get get to know the company and team you would work in.

The interviews are more discussions than formal interviews, we would start with an introductory discussion with our careers team. Followed by a meeting with the team and team leads, and final chats will be with the Head of Department.

Remote Working
Share options
Flexible leave policy
Amazing coffee in the office
Flexible work hours - own your day
No more ties dresscode - dress for your day
No micromanagement!!! We trust you
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Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Apache Cordova
Spring Framework
MEAN Stack
Microsoft Azure


New Relic


Google Analytics

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