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7 Eton Rd, Sandhurst, Johannesburg

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What we do

inQuba is a dominant local SaaS provider in the Customer Experience industry with a growing international presence, having been recently recognised as one of the global leaders in CX software by Forrester. Using modern technology, research methods and analytical techniques, inQuba is able to provide a clear view of what is delighting and disappointing customers. inQuba’s software platform consists of various modules and is highly configurable. The various modules assist in being able to provide an end to end view of the drivers of enterprise performance, present these to the responsible staff members, drive resolution of customer complaints as well as driving operational improvements.

Why Work For Us

Candidates looking for a company with an informal atmosphere on the one hand, but with a huge amount of professionalism, commitment and big global deployments on the other hand, will fit right in with the inQuba team.

We have huge aspirations, and the team is dedicated to making them happen. As a small company, every member of the team has the potential to impact the course of our future and to feel like they make a real difference. There is no slack.

Join the inQuba team if you are looking for a product-focused software development company; as opposed to companies that have you working on project-of-the-month software, constantly moving from one client to the next, never getting a sense of ownership or investment in the domain.

Our Culture

Our company culture is informal, with a fairly flat organisational structure and open door policy. Nobody is too important to talk to, and no idea is not worth hearing. We are entrepreneurial and value the investment that people make in the team, the product and the company. We hold ourselves to a high standard and constantly test the boundaries of whats possible, as the only way we can achieve what we aspire to. It is a high pressure environment but we willingly create the pressure ourselves. We nevertheless regularly take time to blow off some steam and participate in fun activities together.

Customer Experience is our industry and you will be expected to immerse yourself totally in understanding the domain.

The development team is small and knows what they are doing, with a firm academic grounding in software development theory, as well as being domain experts with years of experience. It's a highly collaborative environment and developers are expected to participate in all phases of the SDLC, from conceptualisation and design, all the way through to testing, deployment and support. Developers take initiative and own issues because they are all invested in building a great product.

Curiosity is encouraged and team mentorship, as well as self-improvement, is the norm. Egos are not tolerated but we fiercely debate our points of view until consensus is achieved. We acknowledge that there is always more than one way to achieve something, and that a firm understanding of the trade-offs involved in each option are key to being able to build a successful software business.

Our Engineering Processes

A small software team can only manage global deployments on the scale that we have achieved by focusing on a high degree of automation and testing. We have a sophisticated release management and deployment automation suite.

We use Git and GitFlow branching workflow and an agile approach to software feature development and version releases. Our engineering methodology is home grown but is most similar to XP, with a focus on the commercial benefits of features, and is strictly adhered to.

Our Hiring Process

When hiring for the technical teams, the process is as follows:

  1. Invite to first interview - short informal discussion; if both parties interested in continuing with the process then
  2. Practical assessment - remotely done by candidate; if passed then
  3. Invite to second interview - theory assessment done as a white-boarding session; if passed then
  4. Invite to third interview - short meeting with COO/Co-founder; if they approve
  5. Psych evaluation test and background checks happen, often in parallel
  6. Formal offer extended

This may sound like a long process but is often performed all within the space of two weeks, and only because the candidate has a week to complete the practical assessment by themselves (Note: it is not a week's worth of work! We just give you the time because we know you have busy lives.)

We go on a journey with each candidate because we are a small team and we place the highest value on candidates who fit the culture and who approach software development the way we do. Skills can be taught, knowledge can be conveyed. Flexibility and adaptability are rare.

Catered daily lunches
Working in a team that is serious about building a product (not client project of the week)
Gaming station (with daily sessions)
Internal training and mentorship sessions
Casual dress code and informal atmosphere
Flexible hours
Onsite shower for atheletes
Remote working possible
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Microsoft Azure



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