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What we do

InnoVent Rental and Asset Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a moveable asset rental and asset management company. We’ve come up with a really innovative way to finance you for a spectrum of standard and specialised equipment on a “Pay-for-Use” basis. And we’ll manage these assets for you, taking significant risks right out of the picture.

We specialise in the leasing and life cycle management solutions of IT equipment which we classify as rapidly depreciating assets. Assets that fit this definition generally are; laptops/notebooks, desktops, servers, networking equipment, telephony equipment, printers and multi-functional devices. These types of assets typically become obsolete after 3-5 years and have little or no resale value. Choosing to own these assets will leave you with equipment that will eventually be of no use to you.

Why Work For Us

As IT devices age, support costs and failure rates rise. And, as new technology becomes available, the opportunity cost of standing still increases. InnoVent is well positioned in the market to offer innovative solutions to finance and manage a spectrum of standard and specialised equipment. Our clients include banks, professional services companies, the Big 4 auditing firms, universities, chain store retailers, international car manufacturers, mining companies, schools and colleges, insurance companies and many others. We have the knowledge and the expertise to provide you with a solution that will save you money and improve your efficiencies.

Our Divisions and Partners:

Qrent: www.qrent.co.za
QStore: www.qstore.co.za
V-Track™: www.vtrack.io

Our Culture

Our company's focus is on instilling the principle that we excel in whatever we do. InnoVent is about changing market perception, in its industry, by focusing on client satisfaction, being competent, transparent as well as providing Innovative solutions. We value our staff and focus on promoting personal growth to assist our staff in their personal career aspirations.

Our Engineering Processes

Our general engineering process is based on the Agile System Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

The company culture is very customer focused and Agile is aligned with this focus. Agile allows for rapid delivery of small incremental builds for products or solutions. We promote dynamic process adaptability to ensure the successful delivery of software solutions for the customer, internal or external.

Each product or solution build iteration cross functional teams of work simultaneously on the various areas like planning, requirement analysis, design, coding, testing and acceptance.

At the end of the each iteration, a working product is displayed to the customer or other important stakeholders to ensure customer requirements are met.

Customer interaction is the backbone of our SLDC. Our communication is open through various collaboration tools. Documentation is minimum due to the continuous focused interaction with the customer and other team members. We enjoy working in close collaboration but allow independent thinking for each solution.

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