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In a growth challenged world, getting to business-critical decisions enabled by powerful insights is now more important than ever. Our goal is to enable businesses to identify the ‘Next Big Thing’ - faster, cheaper AND better. The world today is characterized by data inundation. Consumers are constantly talking about you, but not necessarily to you. Our vision is to create a suite of user-friendly tools that businesses can leverage to answer some of the burning questions they have. With the support of our tools, analysts and insights professionals within businesses should be able to say to their internal stakeholders "I have the answers. What is your question?"

We enable businesses by:

  1. Helping product and benefit trends very early in their cycle
  2. Identifying potential acquisition candidates very early in their life cycle
  3. Monitoring Brand Health continuously and cost effectively
  4. Benchmarking your product performance vs competition at SKU level and by retailer
  5. Identifying, qualify and size trend-powered breakthrough innovation ideas
  6. Helping you stay on top of external crises/PR/Reputation issues both for your company and competition 24x7 to mitigate business risks

These are products developed using Search, Social, Rating and Reviews data and fusing them with new product launch information. The deliverable is a user-friendly software tool that facilitates DIY analyses.

We make powerful insights accessible to decision makers to enable businesses to identify their “Next Big Thing”.

Our SaaS model will drastically reduce grunt work and thus liberate business professionals to focus on driving actions and outcomes.

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