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What we do

Hubgets is a business instant communication platform, available as a service or in your private cloud. It enables people to communicate via chat, voice and video, turning experience into searchable knowledge.

Our mission is to improve the way people communicate at work. Lots of companies are already migrating to instant messaging and other fast communication methods, but they are still up against many challenges. One of the toughest is that people find it harder to focus due to constant interruptions. As an instant messaging user, you get messages every minute. Such interruptions, which many times are wrapped up in "nice"​ notifications, kill productivity and frustrate people a lot. So, even though it solves many workplace needs, instant communication poses a great risk - making your team feel disconnected and unhappy.

We want to help every team member find balance between instant and focus. Hubgets uses artificial intelligence to learn about each user's communication behavior, and acts based on the Happiness Index it computes. We care about each person, every minute, in order to make the whole team more productive. Knowledge is indexed and organized, so basically any team using Hubgets will naturally accumulate experience that can be easily exchanged. Here are 10 reasons why teams should use Hubgets: https://www.hubgets.com/product/tour

Page by Hubgets takes care of customer communication flows too. Page is like a web business card available for every team member. Hubgets users don't need to give out their phone number to be reached. With Page, business partners and customers can get in touch with them in real-time on chat, voice and video. For free, without installing any software. More details here: https://www.hubgets.com/product/page

Why Work For Us

Our Culture

We believe that work-fun balance is teamwork. We created Hubgets for ourselves - to communicate better while having fun. And we are sharing it with the world. Living a good life means standing up for something. We try to do this by building products that people will remember. And many times they do.

Our Engineering Processes

What really matters in the Cloud is how you do stuff. We're mad fans of quality and we're only aiming for the best. That's why we're constantly evolving and facing major technical challenges in real-time communications, high performance service delivery, data analytics

Our Hiring Process

The recruiting process is tough (not long). You will take challenging tests while meeting your future colleagues. We guarantee full confidentiality of all applications.

Tech Stack

Application and Data