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Touchstone House, 7 Bree Street, Cape Town

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What we do

HouseME leverages technology to deliver an online rental management platform that seeks to address a number of the large issues plaguing the current local and international rental space, including inflated agency pricing, slow response and turnaround times for landlords as well as discrimination by landlords for any number of factors. By creating an offering that is part FinTech, part PropTech, HouseME has created a scalable digital offering to combat a rental market that is still stuck in the past.

Why Work For Us

Our goal is to address the issues currently facing rentals. If you are keen to work in a fast-paced environment driven to solve a growing international problem, with the freedom to move quickly and experiment with new technologies and novel solutions, then HouseME is the right place for you.

Our Culture

HouseME's culture is defined by our belief that every member of the team is most valuable doing what they enjoy doing, and our development processes are leaned towards allowing team members to self-manage and take ownership of the work the produce for the company.

Our Engineering Processes

Our development cycles are run using the Scrum methodology. Our team runs on a self-managing flat structure, so you will need to be able to effectively delegate your time and take on tasks as needed. However, there is an 'open door' policy (mainly because our office doesn't have much in the way of doors) which means any support needed from fellow developers is also readily available. Team members will be expected submit code for review and participate in reviewing fellow developers' work. Team members are also expected to contribute to the Product Backlog, allowing all developers to have a say in the journey the team takes in building out our product.

Our Hiring Process

The hiring process will involve a meeting with the company CTO in order to assess company fit. Code testing or verbal testing of candidates may also occur, at the discretion of the hiring officer.

Flexible Hours
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Start-Up Environment
Central Offices
Relaxed Office Dress Code
Unlimited coffee and frequent snacks
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Microsoft Azure
.Net Core 2.0


Team Foundation Server

Business Tools

Google Apps
Microsoft Sharepoint

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