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The Kena Health App

Kena Health is an app that connects you with a nurse, doctor or mental health professional and lets you talk to them through voice, text or video. It is designed to make getting quality medical care simple, accessible and affordable for everyone. With the Kena Health app, you get a range of healthcare services including expert medical advice, prescriptions, sick notes, referrals and more. Kena Health is powered by Healthforce.

Kena Health
New South African App Lets You Consult Doctors from Your Smartphone

"Sooner or later, everyone gets sick. But what happens when that everyday quality care and advice is beyond their means? What happens to those who don’t have the time to wait in a clinic queue or don’t have the money to settle a doctor’s bill? The all-too-common answer is that people delay medical care, or resort to inadequate home remedies or “Doctor Google” for advice. What if there was a better, more inclusive way to offer access to quality healthcare that is both fast and affordable?"

Affordable healthcare with pop-in convenience

Experience a doctor's care at a nurse-run clinic. Get safe, walk-in, low-cost care from a Videomed GP with the personal touch that a nurse's care brings.


What we do

Healthforce is a healthtech company seeking to lower the cost of quality care to improve access. We solve systemic problems in the healthcare system through the combination of technology and people.

Our first solution to market has been a digital product that enables team-based primary healthcare. Nurses use the system to manage patient records and to instantly connect by video call to a team of doctors, should their patient need a prescription or advice. This means nurses act as the entry point to the healthcare system, cost of care is reduced and access to GPs is improved. Healthforce has been rolled out to nearly 500 clinic rooms across South Africa, including all Dis-Chem clinics. Over 1.8 million nurse consultations and 135,000 telemedicine doctor consultations have been delivered.

In addition, we have several new products in the pipeline. One of these, Kena Health, recently launched in March, extending our team-based primary healthcare offering to even more South Africans, this time directly on their smartphones. With the Kena Health app, people can get help and advice from wherever they are by talking to a nurse, doctor or mental health professional via text, voice or video. It’s early days, but so far Kena has topped the charts as 3rd in the Apple App Store and 7th in the Play Store in the SA medical categories. Our roadmap sees us expanding beyond the borders of South Africa and adding health services to our offering before the end of the year. We are now scaling fast, and focusing on building a passionate and talented team...

Why Work For Us

  • It feels good to work on something that exists to provide affordable healthcare to people
  • We're a user-centred organisation, focused on shipping software that customers love
  • We're a startup (small business vibes) working with big clients (big and interesting projects)

Our Engineering Processes

We have two approaches for two types of work:

  • Our business impact team works on integrations, and delivers software to external clients
  • Our product experience team makes sure that information coming from our support and UX teams is acted on to improve the product

These two teams have different rhythms and ways of working. The first tends towards waterfall. The second is agile.

Our Hiring Process

  1. First interview with the head of the function you'll work in
  2. Design exercise
  3. Second interview with the CEO
  4. Background checks and psychometric test
  5. Offer of employment
Remote work
Short Term Incentive Programme
Office space in an award winning building
Chair allowance for your home work setup
Udemy license
25 days of annual leave
Being part of the digital healthcare revolution in SA
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