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Healthforce is on a mission to build a world-class tech team through OfferZen.

Healthforce is committed to drive growth and innovation in the tech community.

New South African App Lets You Consult Doctors from Your Smartphone

"Sooner or later, everyone gets sick. But what happens when that everyday quality care and advice is beyond their means? What happens to those who don’t have the time to wait in a clinic queue or don’t have the money to settle a doctor’s bill? The all-too-common answer is that people delay medical care, or resort to inadequate home remedies or “Doctor Google” for advice. What if there was a better, more inclusive way to offer access to quality healthcare that is both fast and affordable?"

Old Mutual’s NEXT176 invests $2 million in South African telehealth provider, Kena Health

Old Mutual’s subsidiary NEXT176 is investing $2 million (over R36 million) in South African telehealth provider, Kena Health, to address the healthcare needs of under-serviced and underserved communities in South Africa. By opening its distribution channels, Old Mutual will help make this service available to the millions of people it serves. ‍

Old Mutual
Experience a doctor's care at a nurse-run clinic

Get safe, walk-in, low-cost care from a Videomed GP with the personal touch that a nurse's care brings.

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What we do

Welcome to Healthforce. We're a health tech company with a big dream: to lower the cost of quality care and improve health outcomes in Africa. We're not saying we're the whole solution, but with our blend of tech and human touch, we're proud to be playing our part.

We've rolled out a digital product that empowers clinic-based nurses to manage their practices, better serve patients and connect instantly with telemedicine doctors. This product has materially lowered the cost of access, bringing more efficient care to 4 million consultations in 500 clinic rooms across South Africa.

We've also launched the Kena Health smartphone app, taking healthcare to the people by offering professional medical and mental health services at the touch of a screen. With a stellar 4.8⭐️ rating and the title of number one healthcare app in the Google Play store, Kena Health is providing access to quality services at a fraction of the cost of a local GP.

We're excited to be a part of South Africa's health tech revolution. Along with our key partners and investors, we've got plans to focus our efforts even more around system change. Our roadmap sees us expanding beyond the borders of South Africa and adding health services to our offering. We are now scaling fast and focusing on building a passionate and talented team.

Why Work For Us

At Healthforce, you're not just joining a company; you're joining a cause. We're a low-ego team of individuals who have a passion for the purpose, even when we are in over our heads. We sustain our focus through a strong culture of valuing people, pulling together, creating better ways and, underlying it all, feeding our relentless individual and collective curiosity. Our team is distributed across multiple countries and many cities. We use modern tools and remote infrastructure so that you can work from anywhere.

*Our Engineering Processes*

We have two approaches for two types of work:

  • Our business impact team works on integrations and delivers software to external clients
  • Our product experience team makes sure that information coming from our support and UX teams is acted on to improve the product

These two teams have different rhythms and ways of working. The first tends towards a waterfall. The second is agile.

*Our Hiring Process*

Our process is quite thorough and if candidates are invited to proceed through all the steps, they are as follows:  
1. On line technical assessment
2. Fundamental Conversation. It takes about 30 minutes and is focused on discussing your most current role and provides an opportunity for you to ask questions you may have about what we’re looking for. We then make a decision on whether to proceed with the next step in the process.
3. Behavioural interview 1 with the hiring manager (approximately 60 minutes). The interview will be both technical and competency based.
4. Behavioural interview 2 with our CTO (approximately 60 minutes). 
5. On line psychometric assessments

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Being part of the digital healthcare revolution in SA
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