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12 Fredman Drive, Sala House, Sandton, 2196 Johannesburg, South Africa

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What we do

We are a software development company focused in e-commerce Web, iOS, and Android apps. We strive for minimalistic, clean, and responsive UI/UX design that are not only intuitive, but provide the end-users with products relevant to them that they can adopt much quicker.

Why Work For Us

At Graham's Number, we reimagine everything before writing a single line of code. We believe that imagination is more important than knowledge, and allow you to apply your thoughts in an unrestricted manner during brainstorming sessions. If you work for Graham's Number, you will have the flexibility to work to meet timelines in any environment that you prefer - whether you work best during the day, or you're a night owl, and work better in the middle of the night - you can work at the coffee shop, restaurant, on a hammock, in the park, or anywhere that ignites your coding ability.

Our Culture

We're more than a software development house, we're cool scientists that want to make a difference. Our mantra is that we don't know about other people, but we don't want to live in a world where someone else make the world a better place, better than we do.

Our Engineering Processes

  1. It all starts with an idea. We find out what problem we're solving first.
  2. The next step is to think of the best way the product can look to the end-user. This is the wire-framing process. Our focus is on minimalist design that delivery equally more functionality than cluttered UI/UX.
  3. We head to Trello, and start moving cards on our scrum board.
  4. We start with the database schema, and work on the front-end, and backend at the same time to make sure we don't revert back when there is misalignment. We think Angular is so cool, and we communicate with the backend in PHP using jSON arrays. Security is important, we use PHP Data Objects every time.
  5. Once all tasks are completed, it's time for a pre-Beta test that is usually about 2 weeks - not to take any chances.
  6. We've gone through pre-Beta, great! Now it's time for the full Beta rollout for a few months.
  7. We finally launch a product, and release a Press Release.

Our Hiring Process

We hire the brightest developers we can find, or developers with a great sense of style. We look at the skillsets of candidates, and put our focus on knowing more about the candidate in that particular area. We think that there's always something that a candidate is better at than most people, and if those aspects that stand out are more than other candidates, we welcome them with open arms because when Graham's Number develops anything, we have to make it great.

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Amazon ec2
Amazon EC2
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Amazon Route 53
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Google Analytics

Business Tools

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