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10 Church Street, Durbanville, Cape Town, South Africa, 7550

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What we do

GoMetro (“GoMetro”) (founded in 2011) is a leading international provider of mobility technology and planning solutions for public transport challenges. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, with offices in Johannesburg and Mauritius, GoMetro delivers award-winning mobile technology, desktop applications, and expertise to support professional public transport data collection, feasibility studies, planning insights, fleet management, and mobile technology. GoMetro has advised cities like Kigali and Cape Town on how to optimize their formal and informal transport services, and has implemented its multi-modal commuter app, location-aware SDK, and USSD feedback solutions to support millions of public transport trips across several South African cities. GoMetro is internationally recognized as a market leader in the African environment on transport data generation, analysis, visualization, and curation. International development agencies and NGOs, large public sector agencies and departments, and engineering and planning consultants trust GoMetro to provide pioneering transport advisory services.

flx rethinks people movement transport systems to help cities improve the way they move. Our flexible mobility platform increases the connection and interactions between riders, operators, enterprises and authorities in a City. flx has the only full life-cycle tech platform for Measurement, Modelling, Management and Movement of people movement systems - with the ability to create mobility marketplaces. In 2018, our product team completed the Rider and Driver apps, the Contract/Clustering design tools, and integrating telematics into our compliance reports for Operators and Enterprises.

GoMetro Pro collects and collates urban mobility data in emerging market cities - for improved strategic planning and operational implementation. Portfolio of collection technologies and techniques - blending traditional transport data collection with newer methods and innovations to produce answers to questions we haven't had the ability to ask before now. Our tools were used to create 1 million km of trip info in 2018, take 100,000 trips and build business cases for 6 Cities and local authorities.

Why Work For Us

We are a fast paced funded company with major ambitions, market access and a solid value proposition. Best of all we get to come up with solutions to unlocking transport problems within cities and have the opportunity to be exposed to an attractive development stack that is ever improving. We like using the smartest and best tool to solve a problem - and really enjoy elegant solutions.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the holistic solution for people mobility in every city in the world enabling them to become ‘super cities’

Our Values

ownership. responsibility. accountability. resilient. relentless. revolutionary.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use technology to radically improve the mobility of people in cities through the way transport is delivered (i.e. better ways of transport, safety, efficiency, air quality, etc.)

What we want to be at our core

flx is a scalable technology platform that allows our customers to improve their people movement systems within cities by easily connecting drivers & riders to make super cities

Our Values

Moving forward as a team –

What we hold Sacred

We don’t do things because “That was what I was told to do”. We do things because we
understand what is needed, we believe in what we are building, doing or trying. When it fails or
gets stuck, we don’t say “ I was just doing what I was told”. Ownership means we understand
and believe in whatever we are assigned. Responsibility means we take an assignment
seriously and manage ourselves to the end. Accountability means that when we can’t finish
something or events get away from us, we don’t leave the building without telling our leader
about it. Or when something doesn’t work out - we bravely share the news with our team.

Ownership. Responsibility. Accountability.

Purpose. Mastery. Autonomy.

We believe that Mastery, when aligned with our purpose, will allow each of us Autonomy to
achieve our goals. But Autonomy can only come from a place of trust. Trust repaid is ownership,
responsibility and accountability. But ORA becomes too strict and unforgiving without Humanity,
empathy and sincerity.

Humanity. Empathy. Sincerity.

Growth Mindsets win
We believe that we are either growing and improving, or we are shrinking and deteriorating. We
believe that we can do anything with enough time, effort, support and humility. A day without a
challenge is a day wasted. We do not think that we cannot learn something or do something -
we are not fixed or stuck to a certain skillset or job description or domain. We are curious,
humble, hard-working and courageous. This is not a job. This is a path to challenges,
achievement, growth and taking risks that hopefully pay off.

We believe in Sawubona. I see you. I see where you have come from. I see where you are
trying to go. I see the ties that bind you. I see who you are responsible for. I see what you
struggle with. I see your dreams. I see your culture and your heritage. I value you. And you
value me. And you see me. You and I feel safe knowing what we know about each other. I also
see your flaws, your weaknesses, your gaps and your shortcomings. And I accept that!!

Our Engineering Processes

We follow a well-defined software development process which includes:

  1. Product requirements fact finding and documentation
  2. Technical requirements
  3. Wireframe/Prototype designs
  4. Development ( Local, Dev, Staging)
  5. Testing (TDD)
  6. 6 Week release cycle to production server.

We have the following development workstreams:

  1. Platform Strategy and Leadership
  2. Design and User Experience
  3. Applications (B2BC and B2C)
  4. Systems and Technology
  5. Algorithms and Applied Science

All workstreams work together to produce a Flexible Mobility Platform - a system that can Measure, Model, Manage and Move an entire city or a single truck, a fleet of busses or a highway system.

What’s the vibe at GoMetro?

Changing the way the world moves is no small undertaking - it requires hard work, lots of it. So be prepared for solving difficult problems in an environment of passion, intensity, pressure and teamwork. We embrace the challenge because it means the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. We want to be considered world-class and globally-leading in our field of expertise.

Remote working options
Flexible Leave Policy
No Dress Code
Staff Transport
Incredible technology learning opportunity
Collaborations with world-class research institutes
Projects across the Globe
Experimental technologies encouraged
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Google App Engine




Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps
Events every now and again
Kigali mapping
Braais once a month
City School 2019

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