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About us

We are disgusted by the level of financial wealth destruction that occurs when people buy and sell cars.
Our mission is to change the face of used car sales.

We do this by developing novel approaches and products that solve difficult challenges. This requires a blend of tech, financial and auto thinking. We've already developed something globally unique (see our website), and we have a solid pipeline of other ideas - it's our nature to experiment and develop new stuff.

Why us

If you work with us, you'll be working side-by-side with a competent and experienced business team. We're still small, but we're ambitious and we've built businesses before. One thing we can guarantee is that we will keep you stimulated. We're doing interesting new things and we would expect you to contribute and bring your own insights and ideas.

Culture-wise, we're small and we're still developing. We're always open to ideas and criticism and we argue concepts robustly, but not personally. We're hard-working; meticulous where it matters, pragmatic where it doesn't. We're a hands-on bunch, so if your preference is to be isolated in a dark room, it's probably not your cup of tea.

Our brand values are also solid - we adopt a customer-friendly approach that is certainly something different in our industry. We're willing to take short-term pain to achieve that.

We're still small and we've been outsourcing so we don't yet have an in-house tech team. You would have significant responsibility and autonomy to do what needs to be done - definitely not just another cog in the wheel.

The tech

We've been running an agile engineering process, which has worked well for us. How we work going forward will be up to you to decide.

Our current tech stack is not particularly deep (except for our machine learning initiatives), but we expect you to develop and deepen that with time. There's a hell of a lot of things we still need to do. We don't have pre-conceived ideas and we're flexible, so there is a lot of room to build something awesome, without being heavily constrained by prior decisions and big legacy systems.

How we hook up

We'll start off with a coffee with our founders, to see from both sides how well we think we would work together. If we're both happy, we'll follow up with a more detailed interview where we will also bring one of our friends/partners who can assess the technical side better than us.
If there's a fit, we'll look to agree terms and get you on-board.
It should be quick and painless - we don't have any cumbersome corporate hiring processes that we need to follow, and you'll be meeting with our top team upfront.

Fantastic growth horizon
A little bit of craziness
Not in City Centre, so reduced traffic
Flexible hours and leave policy
High level of autonomy
Small team environment
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