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About Klar

At Klar we are building the Data Operating System for growing e-commerce companies.

Sounds pretty fancy, right? But what does that actually mean?

Over the last ten years many powerful tools have emerged that make selling online incredibly easy. There is Shopify for the shop system, Klaviyo for Email Marketing, Recharge for Subscription and many more.

But when it comes to data, most companies still use spreadsheets or basic tools like Data Studio. These take a lot of time to maintain and don't deliver any real insights.

With Klar, we want to change this.

We are building a data platform that is tailored to the needs of growing e-commerce brands. Fast to set-up and easy to maintain. Yet, providing detailed insights as to what brands can do to accelerate growth and increase profitability.

The initial feedback for Klar has been tremendous and much better than we could have hoped for. We are in a closed-beta at the moment but already have over 60 brands who use Klar daily. We now want to start accelerating and look for people to join us on our mission.

Open Positions

Founder's Associate

Snr. DTC Data Analyst

DTC Operator in Residence

Data Analyst

Data Engineer

Software Engineer - Backend - TypeScript

Software Engineer - Frontend - TypeScript

Who We Are

Hi 👋

Nice to meet you. We are Frank, Cillier & Max.

We met around 10 years ago while working together in Cape Town and have been working at various start-ups together since. Cillier & Frank leading the tech teams while Max lead marketing.

Together, we have seen most, if not all, of start-up life. The good, the bad and the ugly 🤠

Before we even started to think about what we want to build, we spend many evenings talking about what kind of company we want to build. We established a set of principles that we value above anything else. More on those below 👇

Also, after having worked most of the last 10 years in e-commerce companies, we deeply care and empathise with the pain and struggles of our customers.

Starting a DTC business has never been easier. Making it successful has never been harder.

We want Klar to bring clarity. And helps brands to understand how they can grow faster and more sustainable.

What We Care About

Having been in this game together for the last 10 years, we know each other and what we want extremely well.

One guiding principles stands for us above everything else

Do Work You Can Be Proud Of

Unfortunately, too many times, things get sacrificed for short-term results. That might be necessary at times, but do it too often and it becomes the standard. And things start to derail from there...

To make this principle a reality, a few things are necessary.

We certainly know that this is not what everyone is looking for. But we are totally ok with that.

🏄 Ownership & Trust

We want to work with adults. That doesn't describe age, but attitude. If you say you'll do something. You do it. Simple.

We trust you to do what is right. And you trust us to do the same.

🧠 Work With The Best

To build something remarkable, you not only need to know your tools, but also how to you use them effectively, efficiently and wisely. And never shy away from learning something new.

We love working on hard problems. We feed off each other knowledge and experience and always want to get better. Each of us individually and together as a whole we strive for greatness.

💙 Empathy & Candor

Pretty much every problem ever can be traced back to people not talking to each other. If there is something you don't like, say it. But also make a real effort to understand where the other person is coming from.

If you find yourself nodding in agreement after reading this page, then we would love to talk to you!

Just send an email to max@getklar.com or message me on LinkedIn.

Hiring process

Main point of contact during the process: Frank

Company specific info:
Most important tech skills for role:see attached job spec.
Remote/office-based position: Remote working from SA, office in Munich. Open to relocate & visa sponsorship

30 min intro with CV, ( Frank)
take-home coding challenge. ( CTO)
review coding challenge & second interview
call with 4th co-founder ( culture fit)

Work remotely or at our office in Munich, Germany
Wan't to work in Germany? We assist you with your relocation and the whole visa process
Team events whenever COVID allows it ;)
Our compensation includes an equipment grant, you pick your tools!
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon Web Services


IntelliJ IDEA