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GeeWiz is a cool, online, retail store serving the gadget (well, actually anything) needs of the whole South Africa
We are a small team (under 30 people) and all work closely with each other.
We are far from a corporate mentality. Come directly to the owners, let us know that Cherry MX blue is your keyboard of choice, and we'll get you one the next day.
Our goal is to have an online system that most importantly appeals to our clients, and secondly, makes our employees lives simplified.
Within that, ultimately we are striving to have iron-clad, simplified processes so that a man off the street could walk into Geewiz and be able to work in any department in under 10 minutes.
In terms of developments, we are not using a git environment, although ultimately want to be there. Currently we have a dev copy of our website, and any updates, changes, enhancements are tested on the dev, and when confirmed, noted in a changelog file and moved over to live.
We are looking to hire a development partner that will partner with us in turning our platform to a robust, user-friendly and automated platform through experience, design and creative ideas

Flexible Hours
Remote Working (with a few days per month in-office)
Dual Screen Computer setup in office
No Dress Code
Free Health Benefit Plan (GP, Dentist, Optometrist etc)
Tech Stack

Application and Data



Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps

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