About G7 Renewabe Energies



Company Size


What We Do

Professionals in Renewable Energy Development, also known as G7 Renewable Energies, is a leading renewable energy development company in Sub Saharan Africa. With a 15-year track record, we specialize in pioneering high-performing, grid-connected projects. Our vision is for South Africa to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2050.

Why Work For Us

At G7 Renewable Energies, you will be part of a team that is committed to making a significant impact on the future of energy. We provide an opportunity to work in an innovative environment that leverages technology such as Apache, Microsoft Exchange Online, Outlook, WordPress, Google Maps, Microsoft Office 365, and Google Tag Manager. Our company is small but mighty, with a team of three dedicated professionals working towards a common goal.

Our Culture

Our culture is built around our vision for a sustainable future. We believe in the power of renewable energy and are committed to contributing to a more sustainable world. Our team is passionate, driven, and always looking for innovative solutions to complex problems.

Our Engineering Processes

Our engineering processes are designed to maximize efficiency and performance. We leverage the latest technology to streamline our operations and deliver the best possible results for our clients. Our tech stack includes web servers, email hosting services, content management systems, geolocation, productivity tools, and tag management.

Our Hiring Processes

We are always looking for talented individuals who share our passion for renewable energy. Our hiring process is thorough, ensuring we select the most qualified candidates who are a good fit for our company culture. If you are interested in joining our team, please send your resume to info@g7energies.com.