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35 Industriezeile, Linz, Austria

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With our AI-based guitar learning app Fretello, we empower people to express themselves through music.


These four steps not only apply to our user base but also to our band and our approach of how we design our working environment. We empower every individual to express themselves through music with an AI-based app. Our team collaborates remotely from all corners of the world or on-site in Linz to offer the best possible music learning experience to our users. Founded in September 2016, we have grown into a warm-hearted and passionate bunch of 25+ people. Join the stage to learn and support us in a surrounding that allows you to be yourself, contribute, grow, and smile.

Learn. 📚

Being curious and learning continuously are deeply ingrained in our DNA at Fretello. Whilst we support our users to steadily improve and progress, we certainly do the same within our team. Giving constructive feedback, asking questions and sharing knowledge is a daily routine for Fretellians. Biweekly demo-times provide a stage to show your projects, share your learnings and create a deeper understanding of the various work areas at our startup.

Master. 📈

The more you practice the better you get. This applies to learning an instrument as well as to any skill you can think of. Not everything is going to turn out as you initially planned it. It’s completely normal to make mistakes or fail. What's important is to learn from it, adapt, get going again and grow. Nothing is set in stone. We love how Fretellians evolve, proactively bring their experience to the stage, share and implement ideas for improvements and are not afraid of getting their hands dirty to make sure we all work in concert.


At Fretello, we all do what we love and that’s what makes us good at it. We are all passionate about our area of expertise. The positive energy you can feel when people are living their vocation is inspiring and makes collaborating pretty exciting. And yes, frankly speaking, there are always some tasks you might not particularly enjoy. Those are usually part of the deal and easy to handle thanks to the positive energy our team brings to the table. Being a remote-first company, we certainly don’t compromise on socializing regularly virtually and onsite.

Smile. 😝

Are you taking yourself too seriously? Well, we don’t. Engaging stories and (mostly appropriate) jokes are part of our everyday work. We try to balance being focused on our work and enjoying ourselves and the bond with our fellow Fretellians. This bond is further strengthened by the mutual trust we have in our competencies and the solution-oriented approaches we follow. Pulling on one string to bring our vision to life and creating something meaningful, puts a big smile on our faces. On yours too?


  • Acute: We are agile to incrementally get to where we want to be, to explore directions, ideas and get early feedback, to provide freedom and ownership.
  • Curiosity: We are curious to experiment and learn, to never stand still and continuously get better at who we are, what we do and how we do it.
  • Unity: We are united to act in concert as a team and with our users, to rely on each other, value every contribution and succeed and fail as one.
  • Transparency: We are transparent to create a common understanding, commitment and trust, to embrace honest and constructive feedback and build an inclusive work environment for Fretellians to thrive.
  • Empathy: We are empathic to appreciate and listen to each other, to embrace diversity and different viewpoints, to genuinely care.


  • Culture Audition
  • Time for a Challenge
  • Technical Audition
  • Remote Coffee Dates
  • Offer to Join the Band
Personal time off (25 days paid leave per year)
Flexible working hours (core hours 10:00 to 14:00)
38.5 hour work-week (overtime compensated as time-off 1:1)
Remote first work setup and mindset
A small team (25-30) with lots of individual impact and responsibility
Bi-annual in-person team retreats & regular remote team events
Dedicated time to continuous learning and personal growth
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon Lambda
Amazon CloudFront
Amazon Web Services


Android Studio

Business Tools

Storypoint estimation
Team retreat (09/2019)
Team retreat in Hinterstoder, Austria (09/2021)
Product team workshop
Team building exercise