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Vijverhofstraat 47 3032 SB Rotterdam, Netherlands

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Freeday is on a mission to build a world-class tech team through OfferZen.

Freeday is committed to drive growth and innovation in the tech community.

Building on Trust and Security: Freeday starts building its own Large Language Model

Freeday is working on its own specific Large Language Models (LLMs) within its platform. At Freeday, our mission is to unlock human potential by providing them a platform where clients can configure and hire digital employees. These are AI powered assistants that support our clients by taking over repetitive tasks. With Freeday’s own LLMs, the platform not only delivers digital employees with exceptional language processing capabilities, but also high-end data security and in full compliance with European Union regulations without relying on third parties. We know first hand that many business leaders in the Netherlands, and other European countries, have increasing concerns about data storage, compliance, and other security issues, and we want to address those concerns head-on.

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Using Technology As a Solution To the Labor Shortage

You might have heard about the Great Resignation in the United States, where there is a massive labor market trend.

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Top 10 HR tech startups to watch out for in Benelux for 2023

The Netherlands is currently the most inter-connected economy in the world. Belgium has had €2.7 billion in startup investment since 2018. Luxembourg is the fifth most global economy. Don't sleep on Benelux HR tech startups!

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What we do

As a scale up company, Freeday aims to become the largest digital workforce employer in the world and unlock true human potential. We help clients with a fresh honest view, disruptive technologies, and a large dose of energy. We do this by building a team of digital employees who excel at repetitive tasks. We build this on a platform that allows us to scale these solutions easily, allowing us to deliver value fast! Thereby freeing us humans to create, collaborate and solve more complex problems and focus our attention on the more interesting and rewarding part of our work.

Why Work For Us

Freeday is located in Rotterdam (within walking distance from the central station) and is a young, fast growing IT company that helps organizations in unlocking human potential by automating repetitive tasks. Freeday has an informal, no-nonsense, and ambitious culture. Check out our LinkedIn page or visit Freeday.ai for more information!

This is what you can expect from us:

  • A fast-growing and innovative work environment
  • Plenty of room for new initiatives and ideas
  • A driven team and no-nonsense culture
  • A competitive salary, pension plan, and travel expense reimbursement
  • A laptop to support your work effectively
  • Opportunities for professional development to improve every day
  • An incredibly friendly and inclusive atmosphere with regular social gatherings, sports events, and team activities.

Our Culture

We value you as a person, a part of our A(i) team, not just for the work you do. Because we are a scale up company, we need you to be flexible and take ownership. You feel comfortable working in an ambitious environment with people who have values such as:

  • Deliver value fast and consistently
  • Foster a fun and collaborative environment
  • Dare to take risks and move quickly
  • Prove our value to customers
  • Being hungry to do the extra mile
  • Build trust with others and prioritize progress
  • Embrace innovation and tackle unprecedented challenges
  • Respect others and thrive on helping them grow

“At Freeday we have the ambition, knowledge, and experience to do things smarter and better than others”

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Our roots 📍
This week we have joined Upstream Festival on their “Talent Tuesday” to connect with frontrunners of the next economy. We have spoken to so many talented and ambitious people, so thank you Upstream Festival for having us! 💫