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AlphaCode, 2 Merchant Place, 1 Fredman Drive, Sandton 2196

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What we do

Franc Group is a fintech startup based at AlphaCode in Sandton. Franc is an investment app helping everyone to invest simply and smartly. The only decision a new user has to make is how much they want to invest and how this should be split between the 2 investment options. There is no minimum and users can withdraw their money whenever they want without penalty. There is also a roboadvisory element to help non financial people make an informed investment decision.

Why Work For Us

We want to make investing easy, accessible and fun. We are looking to expand our team to help make this a reality. We are looking to add new products and functionality to our existing offering.

We recently came out of beta and relaunched franc.app in September 2019, we've already attracted 2,300 registered users with over R1,500,000 being invested through the app. Our team is split between JHB and CT with remote working encouraged at least a few days a week.

Our Culture

We've historically self funded but have just received some external funding. We're a small team (14) of diverse skills ranging from machine learning, actuarial science, corporate finance, legal, compliance, accounting, digital marketing and asset management. We are all passionate about startups and the problem we are trying to solve!

Our Engineering Processes

Our environment consists of a diverse range of open source technologies. Our mobile app (franc.app) is written in TypeScript with the Ionic framework. Our backend services are powered by Python while our internal tools are written in VueJS and Go. We are Data Driven and currently use Metabase as a Data Visualization dashboard.

We are language agnostic and believe in choosing the best tool for the job at hand. We manage an agile product development process with monthly app updates (aspiring for biweekly updates).

We are steadily maturing our DevOps capabilities using Docker containers and AWS ECS (Amazon’s Elastic Container Service) for container orchestration.

Our Hiring Process

We care about what you're already done and your ability to learn and solve new problems. We'll review your resume and past projects or if you're fresh out of the gates, we'll give you a mini-problem to solve. If successful you'll have three interviews, you'll meet with our CEO, CTO and head of Product.

Flexi-time (we just care about what you deliver, not how you work)
Remote working
Stock options
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Apache Cordova


Travis CI


Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps

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