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Forge is a mapping and geospatial solutions company based in South Africa. We offer a hand-curated hiking maps app that provides detailed trail maps for outdoor enthusiasts. Our mobile app provides accurate geo-location services and aims to simplify outdoor exploration and keep people safe.

Why Work For Us

Founded in Cape Town in 2017, we aimed to solve a real world problem outdoor enthusiasts face: not having accurate and reliable maps to help them plan outings and explore with confidence. We've bootstrapped a platform that people use enthusiastically but has now reached the stage where it is time to take things to the next level and improve our platform to serve our users better. By working with us, you have a great opportunity and the freedom to shape the future of our humble platform.

Our Culture

Our culture is rooted in exploration, innovation and giving it our best shot. We are a small, close-knit and passionate team who love the outdoors and technological solutions. The three of us who make up the entire company have full-time jobs, so passion drives us to keep Forge going as a side-hustle. We give each other the opportunity to play around, learn along the way and explore our own competencies.

Our Engineering Processes

We're a tech start-up without developers! All our maps are hosted on ArcGIS, with our app built in-house using their AppStudio and our website with Wix.

Our Hiring Processes

Our hiring process is straightforward and transparent. We value skills, potential and gees over years of experience. The process typically includes an initial screening, a video call with the full team, and a final interview. We're looking for individuals who are passionate about app development and taking the opportunity to be a part of a unique South African start-up. Curiosity about outdoor navigation and making an impact in tourism in South Africa will help keep you keen and stoked to make a big difference to the future of our platform.

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We are fully remote, split between Jo'burg and Cape Town.

Fully remote
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100% South African
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