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Head Office is in Durban - Dev Team is based in Cape Town

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What we do

We're a life insurance company with a unique view on how life insurance should be done. We were recently acquired by Bidvest which has positioned us for our next phase of growth and a ground up reinvention of our systems, tech and processes.

Why Work For Us

FMI is rapidly becoming one of SA's most prominent names in the insurance space. We now have the pedigree and hard earned product knowledge that it takes to transform the industry. We have the backing of Bidvest to take the fight to the established players with a formidable leadership team that is committed to the key role that tech will play in our future.

Most importantly, we have the opportunity to reimagine FMI's entire technology eco-system as a newly assembled team. We have the means and the motivation and we're looking to build a set of systems that will be career defining for any dev that wants a greenfield tech opportunity in a challenging, multi faceted sector that is undergoing massive disruption.

Our Culture

FMI is a relaxed, open culture that understands the importance of self management. We love what we do and the mission we're on and that shows in our culture and the way every member of the team operates. We push the boundaries and expect excellence that we can be proud of. Even though we're owned by big players, we work hard to maintain our identity as scrappers, intent on doing things differently.

Our Engineering Processes

We are building an entirely new team that will be responsible for reimagining the systems of FMI. The recently appointed CTO is driving the future vision of tech and is mandated to find the best skills available to lead the way. This means leaving the door open to all team members to contribute to the ground up design of all our processes.

Our Hiring Process

We've all been here so we try to make this is as painless as possible. At this stage of our team development, we are going to be very particular about technical skills, experience, personality and culture fit.

First Stage: An introductory conversation between the Candidate and the Head of Development to assess if both parties are broadly aligned.

Second Stage: The Head of Development and a Senior Dev would have a more technical interview to assess whether your experience and skills are relevant and has the depth required.

Third Stage: CTO, Head of Dev, Head of Product, Senior Dev.

We want to get a feel for who you are and how you think about working within a team and problem solving. We also want to be very clear about who we are, how we think about working within a team and problem solving and the path we're on at FMI.

Fourth Stage: Assuming all went well in the first stages and both you and our team feel there is a good potential fit, we'd like to move immediately to reference checks and forming a more rounded perspective of you by way of people you've worked with and reported to.

Fifth Stage: If your references support our view, we'd like to run you through some personality profiling to get a deeper, more 'technical' opinion on you so we're not forming a view in a vacuum.

If we still feel the need to interrogate some unanswered questions, we may call for another chat or if we're happy to move forward, we will make you an offer immediately.

From an additional technical assessment perspective, we’ll assess this is during your probation period, working within the team.

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