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What we do

FitVault is a fitness activity tracker that aggregates users’ fitness and activity data, based on the different activities they engage in. As an out-the-box data aggregation and rewards platform, users have the option either to link their devices via a Web API or to interact with FitVault on the mobile app. Users’ activity data is sent to their approved health or life insurance provider in near real-time in return for rewards or premium reductions.

Why work for us

We are not corporate. No micro-management. Instead we expect you to be a self-starter who gets a kick out of deploying awesome, effective code, all the while ensuring your team follows your example. FitVault has a learning culture, but don’t put the business at risk with flaky decision making. We all have a certain level of humility (even if you are a rockstar, triple backflip, one line coding genius). Your instinct should be to help, not gloat (except maybe a tiny bit, in a friendly banter sort of way).

Our values:

• Connectedness: align every day

• Loyalty: we are only as strong as our weakest link

• Honesty: speak your mind in a respectful manner

• Be exceptional: give more than you receive

• Snowflake free zone: we do not interpret or take things personally

Why we do what we do:

Inspiring people to be fitter and healthier version of themselves.

Our brand promise:

Always connected; always on-line

We aim to build strong relationships with our clients, and in so doing ensure that we can grow in capacity and capability along with them. Through continuous innovation we commit not only to improving our systems and procedures, but also ensure that our partners are best placed to support their clients with a best in class service. Each client is different. For this reason, we do not apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach, and instead look at how we can build a partnership that will be of mutual benefit.

Our culture:

How do we take good care of our mental, emotional, and physical health?
We endorse active lifestyles and support our people to make the time to exercise, sweat, and live healthily.
We believe that family forms the foundation of any successful culture.
We dream big and have huge visions for the future.

How do we create comfortable nurturing environments in which informal networking plus face2face interactions happen?
We show up and we are present for one another.
We have fun through creative ideation, we do what we say, and we innovate freely while pushing boundaries.

How do we role-model positive behaviours, and create dialogue about what matters, and then communicate it transparently?
We listen. Listen to what and why people say what they say. And we act with consideration, thought, and respect.

Tech Stack

Application and Data

.Net Core 2.0



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