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Fineazy is an AI-powered chatbot empowering excellent, informed financial decisions. We believe financial capability is part of a person’s dignity, yet finance is hardly ever taught in a simple, engaging and accessible way. Until now.

Financial confidence starts with Fineazy.

🚀 What we’re fixing

We’re on a mission to bring fairness to the world of finance, because everyone deserves to make great financial decisions.

Financial services don’t work for most people, and whether we’re in Africa, Latin America or Europe, most of us don’t understand fundamental financial concepts. The consequences of bad money decisions are drastic and affect us daily. At FinEazy, we are using tech and ingenuity to improve the financial ecosystem by bridging the gap between consumers and products.

We are working towards a future where every individual, regardless of background, is making good financial decisions. A future where shame and finance are not associated; and where the financial services market is healthy because products are designed to solve real problems for people, not just for profit. Ultimately, we want finance to work hand-in-hand with freedom, equality, opportunity, sustainability and dignity.

⚒️ How we’re fixing it

We provide scalable, measurable and effective financial education using chat-based technology and personalised learning design.

Our first product is at the intersection of FinTech and EdTech, focused on increasing financial wellbeing universally. We have already educated thousands across South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana and Mozambique, with our chat-based product. We have a collection of great clients, including Vodafone M-Pesa and Momentum Metropolitan, and are backed and funded by a supportive group of investors. We are now ready to tackle all the FinTech opportunities in front of us, and need an exceptional team to drive our vision.

🏅 Our Values

Grow - Develop yourself, your community, your projects and the world. Be self aware, learn continuously, and add value wherever you are.

Build Trust - Be authentic and build authentic products. Own your objectives and nurture the trust of those around you.

Make the most of it - Do the best you can with the time you have. Grasp opportunities and strive for excellence. Dig deep to go far.

"Working at FinEazy is unique because we get to change lives… We are motivated by seeing our users learn and gain financial independence which is very rewarding. As the first employee, I am still learning every day and it has been very exciting to see our growth over the last 3 years."
- Clare Fisher, Head of Content at FinEazy

💚 Our Team

Our team is both culturally and geographically diverse. We are spread around the world (UK, South Africa and Mexico) and we partner with storytellers and translators in every region we operate in. We believe in fairness, equality, transparency, empathy and hard work. We like bold ideas and execution above all. We come from a variety of backgrounds and strengths, and love sharing what we have picked up along the way.

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