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Who we are

Eyona Innovation is a software company that creates global market facing solutions for the FMCG industry, predominately for the liquor and restaurant space.
We are a SA born and bred tech business that has some of the most admirable and sought after global FMCG liquor businesses and Fast food groups as clients.
We are the pioneers of B2B liquor innovation in South Africa and Africa

We create and sell products that are used and sold globally.

What we do

As a software company, we create and solve global pain points for the liquor industry. We own and create all our software and employ the best minds in the industry.
Our competitive advantage is the capability to disrupt all B2B business processes that drive liquor sales and holds the business and market accountable.
We have a suite of products in our stable which are all leaders in their space and category.
We continuously innovate and develop our products to maintain being the fore runners in the domain we play in.
Our current products deliver and solve the following:

  • Myhive: Management of all below the line promotions and activations for the liquor industry. www.myhive.co.za
  • Asset Force: Full eco-system management of assets such as fridge’s, draught machines and catering equipment. Global best practise software and includes internet of things integration and hardware devices https://assetforce.co/
  • Repforce: Manages and empowers your sales team and work force. Call routing, survey data, customised reporting and sales order capability. Benchmark liquor software in the industry. http://repforce.co
  • TRUEDATA: Managing big data for majority of the liquor players in South Africa. Customer master database management, volume flow reporting and analytics. Global software. https://truedata.company/
  • Re-Contact: Communication platform for big corporates. Extranet, SMS, email surveys and customer loyalty management. http://re-contact.com/

We are the market leaders in software technology for the liquor industry. From global beer and spirit conglomerates to small start-up craft brewers. We service the entire spectrum.

Why Work For Us

If you want to be part of a business that’s vision is to become the best in class B2B software solutions company globally for the liquor industry, then you are the right fit.
We employ people not on how they look but whats inside their brain. If you are a self-starter, innovator, love solving global solutions and love the alcohol industry, then you are the right fit.

We are a high-performance culture that does not micro manage employees, we treat people as individuals and adults. We are a transparent company that rewards results and not effort.
Eyona means “The Best” in Xhosa and we only want the best individuals South Africa has to offer. If you are young, dynamic and have a point to prove to showcase your capability on a global platform then you are the right fit.
Mentorship and learning is part of our culture and we all share in the spoils of war. We celebrate successes and reward handsomely for individual performance.
If you want to challenge your ability to prove you are the best in your domain, then Eyona is the company you want to be a part of.

Our Culture

Engaging, collaborative, trusting, performance driven, transparent and accountable.

We win and work in teams.

We pride and strive to maintain to be the best in our domain globally – we are an innovative and disruptive software company. If you like challenging the status quo and building beautiful products that people love to use, then Eyona is your space.

We don’t believe in dress code and encourage flexi time and remote working spaces once candidates have showcased their worth and capability.

We are futuristic in our approach and believe people want freedom, a vision of what they are working towards and empowerment to showcase who they are.

Due to our self-starter environment and entrepreneurial energy. The calibre of our employees is of the highest standard. So, if you feel you need to be coached continuously and spoon fed then we unfortunately are not the place for you.

But if you love South Africa and global tech companies that disrupt entire industries then Eyona is your Familia.

Attractive, market-related remuneration packages
Flexible Hours
Profit share on products once candidate has proven their worth (After 2 year review)
Generous Leave Policy
Creating and learning from the best software developers and liquor experts in South Africa
Remote work space, work from home (After 1 year review)
Tech Stack

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Android Studio
New Relic



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