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Network Space, Block 4, 1 Magalieszicht Avenue, Dunkeld West, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa

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Digital transformation & Low code experts

Our Products and services unlock value, help enterprises transform their legacy systems and embrace digital transformation seamlessly. Our offerings allow rapid time to value, and these solutions translate into future-proofed business advantages that scale with you.

Looking for development solutions? We demonstrate value in days, and build applications and integrations in weeks instead of years with low code platforms like OutSystems.

Need a digital transformation strategy? We adapt and transform enterprise business models rapidly with the help of the OpenExO ecosystem.

We transform ideas into solutions that empower organisations and people to innovate, adapt and grow exponentially. Our products and services help you unlock value, transform enterprise legacy systems, and embrace digital transformation seamlessly.

Integrate complex legacy systems and build applications quickly with our OutSystems low code development platform solutions. Or, digitally transform your enterprise company with our strategic innovation consulting services.

ExoSystems is an OutSystems Lowcode Partner and an experienced digital transformation consultancy — part of the OpenExO global transformation ecosystem.

We believe digital transformation and application and integration tools shouldn’t be hamstrung by a lack of resources. Contact us to discuss your business challenges, or for a free rapid prototype, delivered within 5 days.

Our Engineering Processes

We strive for excellence by using various techniques and processes.

Our teams are small and agile, consisting of 3 to 6 members with a team lead. We don't believe in micromanagement and our project management is done by the team lead to some extent as we believe that they should not be stuck in meetings all day, outside of their natural development habitat, leading their team to success.

We specialise in various technologies such as OutSystems, Wavemaker and mobile app development.
- OutSystems teams will focus on helping clients create bespoke solutions, training the client to be independent and providing them with support.
- Wavemaker teams will focus on bespoke solutions, bespoke Java based services, training the client and providing them with support.
- Our mobile app development team will focus on bespoke mobile apps tailored to our client's needs using rapid application development methodology and supporting the applications.

Since we build bespoke solutions, our teams are flexible and are required to learn new technologies and methods constantly.

Interview Process

  1. Screening Call
  2. Quick Tech Assessment
  3. First Interview
  4. Technical Interview
  5. Final Interview
  6. PDA Assessment
  7. Reference and background checks (with your consent)
  8. Offer
Delivery is outcome based
Extensive training & certifications
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