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EXAH is on a mission to build a world-class tech team through OfferZen.

EXAH is committed to drive growth and innovation in the tech community.

How EXAH Uses Systems Theory to Develop Integrated Tech Solutions

Some technical problems can’t be solved by software alone; they are systemic. Lochner Eksteen, MD at EXAH, explains how Systems Theory builds better tech.

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Customer 360

Our Chief Architect, Tiaan le Roux talks about the elusive 'customer 360'

Customer 360

We are not a unit for the average person.

Eclectic in personas, religious/ non religious creeds, backgrounds etc, we come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. The combination of these stories is what's driving us forward. Interestingly, fear is a huge driver for most of the individuals in our team. The fear of "going back", the fear of boredom, micromanagement, toxic cultures, lack of fulfilment, growth ceilings etc. In 5 years no one has resigned from Exah and almost all of us have received lucrative offers.

Here's what some of our team members, who joined us through Offerzen has to say:

I've had bad luck in my developer career, I kept finding nice small companies that treated me (what I now know to be adequate) well, and these companies were bought out by larger corporations within a few years each time. I've yet to see a big corporate entity invest in its staff in South Africa with any meaningful amount of money. Exah feeds its crew and watches out for their well being, but don't let that put you at ease, you have to survive the Darwinian evolution inside of Exah but if you do, just like everyone else, you will never want to leave.

I started my career as a software engineer in 2013. My employer at the time was an energy consultant and had strong ties with postgraduate studies. This combination exposed me to a multitude of industries and allowed me to serve many more roles both external facing and internally. After five years I decided to move to a new employer for new challenges.
The promise of building and heading a new software division convinced me to move to a fairly young financial service provider. Unfortunately, the business did not grow in this direction and two years later, I found myself acting between internal teams and various software consultants. Although, we implemented many successful systems in this time, I often found myself frustrated by the narrow field of projects and limited technical exposure, which prompted my move to Exah.
I had prior experience working with CRM systems and was attracted to the variety of possibilities and promise of rapid delivery offered by Salesforce. The combination of a solid platform and passionate team won me over in our first meeting. Even though I started during lockdown the team managed to pull me in and involve me into a range of projects and by the time we could work from the office I already felt at home.
My experience at Exah has been filled with a wide range of projects and clients that I fell in love with when I started my career. The bigger the challenge the more invested the team. Every challenge is met with support from all the other team members with their own specialities. From technical platform knowledge, to project management and rewarding work sessions, there will always be somebody who is able and willing to help you succeed. If you have a passion to take on the impossible, this is the team you want around you.

Starting with my background, I studied BSc IT at TUKS and started working at a company in .Net MVC, after 7 months I got a better offer at another company and an opportunity to explore more programming languages and frameworks.
This journey lasted just over 4 years at that company and I worked on multiple projects in languages such as C# (.Net Core), Javascript, Angular 2+, Java, Ruby on rails and also worked in Microsoft dynamics 2012 and Dynamics 365. Over time I realised and felt that there was something missing and I wasn’t enjoying the work and environment as much as I would have liked to. For quite a while I stuck it out and tried to like what I was doing, but eventually, it felt like the life was being drained out of me. There was a bit more to it than just that, but I would like to keep this short and sweet.
I then decided to create a profile on Offerzen and soon after started going through a number of interviews. Exah was one of the companies that really stood out to me and their ideologies on the website just spoke to me. In the end I had to choose between two companies, Exah and another. At first I thought it was a really difficult choice to make, and I also had a fear that what I read on the website and experienced during my interview/visit to EXAH was just a front, but at the same time I felt so amped up by the EXAH vibe. As soon as I spoke to my wife about the two companies, it became crystal clear to us that EXAH was the winner in most of the areas that were important to me, except one, which was the programming language and platform they work in - Salesforce. I was a little bit sceptical as I wanted to move away from Microsoft Dynamics and was afraid that I would feel the same about Salesforce.
Now to get to where we are at now, I cannot express how glad I am to have joined this awesome team, my fears were in vain and they have really exceeded my expectations. The EXAH experience is a total life changer. A few things that really stand out to me is how everyone at EXAH wants everyone in EXAH to learn, grow and succeed in life. It really is an awesome vibe/atmosphere to work in and the lack of micro-management really is a dream. I absolutely love this place so far and sometimes I have to remind myself that I am not dreaming. Speaking to the fear that I would feel the same about Salesforce as I did about Microsoft Dynamics, man was I wrong to even think that would be the case. I am enjoying the experience and there is something new to learn everyday, challenges to keep your mind growing and awesome projects to work on.
EXAH goes above and beyond, they really care about your wellbeing and make sure you are healthy. There are a lot of extra niceties. Having biltong, fruit and healthy snacks/foods and top notch coffee available everyday, is something I really appreciate, not to mention the free access to a gym, Muay Thai and boxing classes.
To sum up my experience so far, I am loving every moment of it and really get along well with the people at EXAH, I would highly recommend you to come and check us out. It has been an awesome lifestyle change for me so far and I am not looking back one second.

Company wide profit share scheme
Training in EU and USA
Awesome, smart people in the team
Offices in Irene and Cape Town
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Seeing that we love rock, metal and blues so much we don't only decorate our space with 20+ awesome guitars, we play them as well in the room with the big rigs.
To get into flow, you need to be free from distractions. We therefore run pomodoros every hour. Want to learn more? Read https://www.coach.me/questions/19309-i-find-doing-a-50-minute-pomodoro-works-better-for-me-with-a-10-minute-break-after-anybody-else-use-a-different-time
The boardroom is just another workspace. We rarely host clients and we don't have any set meetings just to meet.
The chill lounge is where we break away a bit. (Vaping and Iqos smoking is allowed in the office) until forced by some socialist authority to do otherwise.
We don't have a "get drunk' culture, but we enjoy a late afternoon catch up with a whisky or whatever your drink of choice is.
Good coffee on demand is a non-negotiable. Not worth saying anything more than that.
We always have biltong, droëwors and nuts available during the day. Carbs and sugar is just bad for you and our we pride ourselves in our fitness. As knowledge workers, a healthy body creates a sound mind.