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Suite 12, Ground floor, Southdowns Ridge Office Park, Irene, Centurion

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EXAH is an OfferZen partner committed to building a world-class tech team through OfferZen.

EXAH is invested in developing the South African tech community.

How EXAH Uses Systems Theory to Develop Integrated Tech Solutions

Some technical problems can’t be solved by software alone; they are systemic. Lochner Eksteen, MD at EXAH, explains how Systems Theory builds better tech.

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We are not a unit for the average person.

Eclectic in personas, religious/ non religious creeds, backgrounds etc, we come from a wide spectrum of backgrounds. The combination of these stories is what's driving us forward. Interestingly, fear is a huge driver for most of the individuals in our team. The fear of "going back", the fear of boredom, micromanagement, toxic cultures, lack of fulfilment, growth ceilings etc. In 4 years no one has resigned from Exah and almost all of us have received lucrative offers and will continue to happen... Wonder why..?

Our culture luckily only requires you to be extremely intelligent, communicate with the accuracy of mind bullets, require you to reserve 90% plus of your total RAM (Random access Memory) for the business and it's clients, deal with serious amounts of uncertainty in various forms, act on unclear instructions, manage your own success in the growth path, study after hours like a 2nd year student etc etc.

Your family or friends might say you are in a rat race, but the nature of a race is that it has a finish line. Capitalism does not have a finish line where we all give each other high fives and go home. It's an ongoing process of improvement and self correction.

We need to be clear on this: The only thing required from all of us is to be excellent. We all energise a number of roles in the business and no one has a fixed job description or title. Your title is: I dream, design and build eloquent solutions for hand picked customers on the Salesforce Platform in collaboration with the rest of the gang. Do not try and be anything else except this. The moment a person requires 'management 1.0' or want to manage anyone else they are out of this team (you must know how assertive I am in this regard by now) and this leaves us with no need for managers. Lucky us!

Why Work For Us

Our clients shape us. When choosing clients, we ask ourselves whether we’ll be able to work for them as an employee. If the answer is no, then we don’t do business.

We run a share scheme where the team members qualify to share in the profits of the business. See : http://exah.co.za/articles/

We protect our staff against unreasonable clients. We do not employ salespeople. The Architects and consultants facilitate the ‘sales process’ by first placing the client in a position where he/she can make an informed decision. We check for internal power plays, politics, and tensions that can compromise an engagement and place our structure and people under stress.

Clients with an appetite for success. The future of commerce in South Africa will be owned by those with an appetite for excellence. Our most successful clients do not shy away from challenging their systems, processes, and people. Where we find these people, we find a fit.

Our Culture

We are a client funded business. In contrast, we are not funded by external investors, bank facilities or any other instruments. "All" our business costs are covered by our customers. Even though it might not sound serious, you need to know that it is. For me it means the following:

  • We are free to run our business as a team, in any fashion we want. Big decisions can be made in a room with three or more people at any time. This leaves us agile and able to respond to market conditions extremely fast.
  • We are not required to drive net profitability at all costs. We can, therefore, decide to allocate our profits where we want to, such as the share scheme for example. A bank or investor panel would never allow for this to happen.
  • We are not required to follow or subscribe to any socialist rhetoric in business management.
  • Most importantly, it forces us to be really, really good and honestly answer for our decisions and actions at our clients or we won't be able to carry ourselves financially.
Show-cast your thinking.
Company wide profit share scheme
Training in EU and USA
Awesome, smart people in the team
Offices in Irene and Cape Town
Tech Stack

Application and Data

.Net Core 2.0





Business Tools

Google Apps
Seeing that we love rock, metal and blues so much we don't only decorate our space with 20+ awesome guitars, we play them as well in the room with the big rigs.
To get into flow, you need to be free from distractions. We therefore run pomodoros every hour. Want to learn more? Read https://www.coach.me/questions/19309-i-find-doing-a-50-minute-pomodoro-works-better-for-me-with-a-10-minute-break-after-anybody-else-use-a-different-time
The boardroom is just another workspace. We rarely host clients and we don't have any set meetings just to meet.
The chill lounge is where we break away a bit. (Vaping and Iqos smoking is allowed in the office) until forced by some socialist authority to do otherwise.
We don't have a "get drunk' culture, but we enjoy a late afternoon catch up with a whisky or whatever your drink of choice is.
Good coffee on demand is a non-negotiable. Not worth saying anything more than that.
We always have biltong, droëwors and nuts available during the day. Carbs and sugar is just bad for you and our we pride ourselves in our fitness. As knowledge workers, a healthy body creates a sound mind.

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