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12 Beach Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town, 7915

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What we do

Ergosense exists to measure key metrics that can contribute to employee health, productivity and well being. One of our products is an array of IoT sensors that discreetly measures a workspace environment's CO2, sound, light, humidity and occupancy levels. The owners of these work-spaces can use this information to optimize the workspace environment to bring out the best in its occupants. Another product is our employee engagement mobile app. Our app can be used to send company wide surveys to track employee engagement and well-being. It also allows way-finding inside buildings and a desk booking systems for company that use hot-desk seating allocation.

Why Work For Us

Since we are a small team, you will be exposed to a broad range of areas. From a software perspective you will be working on databases (MySQL and a time-series database called InfluxDB), web apis (written in Node.js), web UI (written in React.js) and native app development. You will also work with the latest AWS services. You will be the second software engineer in the company. As we grow, you will naturally be presented the opportunity to rise to senior positions. Since our organisational structure is small, you will be involved in cross discipline decisions involving marketing, sales, hardware development and UX.

Our Culture

Ergosense is a young technology startup company. The company hierarchy is extremely flat at this point, with all employees reporting directly to the company's founder. Each employee works fairly independently and is treated as the expert in their chosen field. The company is flexible and nimble, able to react to market forces quickly.

Our Engineering Processes

Our software engineering process starts with collaborative designs with the whole Ergosense team. After agreement as a group, software is written and tested on our staging environment. A pull request is submitted via Gitlab, which will be reviewed by our lead software engineer. Any feedback needs to be addressed and tested again. Once the PR is a approved, we have an automated build, test and deploy pipeline that takes the software change into production immediately.

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process consists of two rounds. First is a technical assessment (which should not take longer than 1 hour to complete). We want to make sure you meet our minimal technical bar. If you have example projects from past work which you would like to show us, we can use that instead of the technical assessment.
Second is a one hour interview with the company's lead engineer, technical advisor and founder. Half the interview will be about your technical knowledge and the other half will be about how well you would fit into our company culture.

Free coffee
Flexible working hours
Ample parking
No dress code
Flexible leave policy
Remote work possible
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
React Native
Amazon Kinesis



Business Tools

Microsoft Teams

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