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South Africa

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What we do

Ergasia Placements is a specialist placement agency operating within the IT, Legal, Admin and conveyancing industry. Our primary goal is to establish the perfect match between candidates and employers. Our focus is on quality over quantity, and we understand the challenges of recruitment and hiring top talent. We're based in South Africa and have been operating since 2014.

Our Culture
Our culture is driven by our commitment to quality and excellence. We believe in the power of human resources and see ourselves as a bridge connecting talented individuals to their ideal jobs. Our small but dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure the best outcomes for both candidates and employers.

Our Hiring Processes
Our hiring process is designed to ensure the best fit between candidates and employers. We take into consideration not only the qualifications and skills of the candidates but also their potential for growth and their compatibility with the company culture. We believe in the importance of finding the right fit and we're committed to making the hiring process as smooth and efficient as possible.