About EOH


239 Howick Close, Waterfall Park, Midrand

Company Size


Why Work For Us

EOH is the largest systems integrator in Africa! Why is that important? Because our size allows us to do a little more than we could have if we were small.

At EOH we believe that what we do matters! We make a difference in the lives of our people, our customers and in our society. Our purpose is to be a force for good in South Africa.

What We Do

Our Software Development & Integration business specialise in creating competitive advantage for our customers. We do this by building great software.

Our Culture

To be successful at EOH, you need to be someone with a passion for people and having an impact. We aren't the type of people who are impressed by a company's gym or pool or social club. We are impressed by the work we do and the difference it makes to our country.

Our Engineering Processes

We have software teams sitting at our customer sites, building great software using agile processes and practices. We manage the process end-to-end because we are held accountable for the delivery by our customer. We supply our teams with the right combination of skills, and then trust them to do what needs to be done to make our customers happy.

Our teams consists of a combination of project managers, scrum masters, software architects, business analysts, developers, user experience designers, testers and whatever else is needed to do great work for our customer.

The foundation of what we do is Microsoft technologies, although we do not limit ourselves to only use Microsoft.

Our Hiring Process

This is an important decision for us and for you. Therefore it is worth spending enough time and energy on this, to make sure it is the right decision for both parties.

Depending on the role, seniority level, customer needs and some other factors, our process is normally as follows:
1. Technical Test
2. 1st Interview
3. 2nd Interview
4. Psychometric test
5. Offer

Flexi time
High end laptops
Tools & Training
Access to smart people
Monthly learning & collaboration sessions
Flexible career path
Additional leave for long service
Medical Aid & Provident Fund
Financial Planning
Education sponsorships
Performance incentives
Great people to work with
Changing the world
Working for the largest system integrator in Africa (job security)
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Microsoft Azure



Business Tools

Developers learning from other developers at our monthly DevEx.
A bit of a celebration for another year of great results!
Project team doing a Sprint Review with a customer.
Our team onsite helping with the roll out of wheelie dustbins in Ekurhuleni, using our software.
Speakers Andrew and Denzil preparing for February's edition of DevEx.
Denzil on "stage" at DevEx.

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