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Battler House, 28 Roos Street, Fourways

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WORLD is a collaborative project to develop services that address everyday issues in a simple and secure way. We aim to develop a platform and a powerful online community that will enable the launching of a variety of services.

Millions of people cannot prove who they are in sub-Saharan Africa. We seek to connect the WORLD to people by providing a digital ID, enabling everyone to be somebody. With rural people still having limited access to the internet and financial services, WORLD aims to empower them with our messaging and payment services.

The WORLD team has a variety of knowledge and successes in Africa and have in-depth market knowledge and a proven track record. Our goal is to attract 3rd parties to develop services on the WORLD platform. WORLD has an open-source philosophy and a minimum number of constraints on 3rd parties we collaborate with.

WORLD’s interests are; Messaging, Trusted Identity, Payments, Voting, and Rating.

Why Work For Us?

We’re a group of slightly eccentric but concerned citizens of the world who want to solve problems and build communities while still having fun, so we got together to create something meaningful and valuable. The WORLD philosophy is to connect skilled and experienced people with communities enabling them to engage in ways they never thought they could, and we aim to attract like-minded individuals who want to make a difference. Why work for WORLD? Well, why not give us a try?

Our Culture

The dress is casual. Travel is encouraged and it is a definite plus if you like Dilbert or XKCD. Fun is the main aim of what we do. Although some of us are the "workaholic" types, you are allowed a life outside the office, so work time and space can be flexible.

Our Hiring Process

Being an informal bunch - we start off with chat as opposed to an interview, followed by a second meeting for technical evaluation. Everyone on enabled.WORLD works on a limited contract basis. Tax, pension, medical aid all need to be managed by the individual (but you will get a cool looking golf shirt)

Enabled = connected + empowered

Opportunity to explore Africa
Flexible hours
Relaxed dress code
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon VPC
Google App Engine


Android Studio


Amazon Route 53

Business Tools

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