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18 Coventry Road, Bryanston, 2191

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We are a cohort of inventors, researchers and innovators obsessed with what technology can do for humanity. Our intent is to deliver progress to humans, ensuring that, while at it, they enjoy it.

Our work involves a continuous examination of the day-to-day human experience and aspirations and asking ourselves “What should change?” and “What more can technology offer?”). We form a picture in our minds of what “new” would look like, and creatively translate what is possible into new and better human experiences.

When our work is done, people have useful and usable tech solutions that make their work and life better, safer and easier. It’s because of this we get up inspired everyday and end every day fulfilled.

Here’s to “Discoveries That Change All”.

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• Generous market relate cost to company remuneration
• Remote working and/or flexible working hours
• A fast-paced environment that is supportive, foster creativity and free thinking
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