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EasyCrypto offers South Africa’s leading index-tracking bundle of the cryptocurrency asset class. The company has recently been acquired by a JSE listed FinTech company, Purple Group ("EasyEquities"). Our primary product, the EC10, offers secure exposure to top 10 global virtual assets weighted by market capitalisation. Our experience and expertise in cryptographic index-tracking allow us to dependably partner with clients to enhance portfolio diversification. EasyCrypto advocates best investment practices and harnesses an agile approach to product development. The company is currently in the process of rapid expansion with new products and services being developed by a versatile international team.

Multinational conglomerates such as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, MasterCard, PayPal, Tesla and many more have publicly announced their deliberate involvement in the crypto space. Investment in crypto technology has grown exponentially in recent years with subsequent institutional adoption in South Africa gaining significant traction. EasyCrypto has recently endeavoured to offer tokenization services to corporate clients and has several exciting projects underway, including a new investment platform with extensive inter-asset trading capabilities.

FinTech developers require an established, trusted and accountable partner to help them navigate FinTech and DeFi development. EasyCrypto is trusted by leading South African institutions to offer reliable development and investment services pertaining to cryptocurrencies. EasyCrypto is an FIC registered company, acting as an accountable institution filed for preliminary FSCA registration compliance in 2021.

In the spirit of sound governance, we have implemented policies, procedures and best practices that align with those stipulated by South African regulatory authorities. Our product facilities include:

Diversified index bundled exposure to global top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalisation.

Secured custody of digital assets and institutional-grade offline storage solutions for institutional investors.

OTC Procurement: Any digital asset that makes up the EC10 Index (BTC & ETH - others coming soon).

Transparent performance disclosures and customized reporting.

Compliant vehicle for allocation to cryptocurrencies exclusive of holding physical coins in consonance with best practices and preliminary FSCA & ASISA compliance.

We are looking for candidates who understand and grasp the potential of this exciting sector!

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