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Draslovka has been reimagining what’s possible with the CN family of chemicals for more than 100 years. We are a Czech family company, driven by an international team working across the world with a conscious ambition to be the best at what they do.

Draslovka holds a strong market position in the CN - based specialty chemical industry through the roll-out of newly developed environmentally sustainable products including next-generation fumigants and biocides, supply chain optimization, and advanced application practices implemented based on consumer‘s needs.

Reliability, responsibility, and sustainability represent our core values which are consistently applied in all processes. Our goal is to build a comprehensive portfolio of chemical companies, with an interface that ensures synergy of production and services.

In its early days, the focus of the company lay in the production of hydrogen cyanide, but an extensive line of industrial products and services has since emerged. Today, Draslovka has three main business divisions: Specialty chemicals, Mining solutions and Agricultural solutions.

Draslovka is building an AI-based, Software as a Service process optimization tool to be used in the production of critical metals like gold, nickel, cobalt, and copper that will power the mass production of electric vehicles. This tool will be combined with our patented, sustainable chemistry for metal extraction, creating a disruptive technology that will have a major impact on the sustainability and productivity of the mining industry.

Come help lead the creation of something new! You’ll be the driving force behind a brand new team, supported by world class business-building experts and connected to a business with global reach across one of the world’s critical industries.

We will support your desire to learn and develop through individual certifications or training of your choice.
We will support your fresh ideas and tech innovations. Your thoughts will be respected and considered.
You will have the ability to work both on-site as well as remotely.
Your responsibility will be compensated with our flexibility. We respect and value work-life balance.
You will have generous vacation benefits and business-related travel opportunities.
Collaboration with diverse international teams with offices in Prague, USA, Mexico, or Australia.
You will get to know how the global transition to a sustainable future works on a molecular level!