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28 Eagle Lane, Lanseria Business Park, Lanseria, 1739

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We exist to serve feed and food producers, to improve their sustainability and efficiency in contributing to food security for the people of our region.

We use global knowledge, strengthened by local research and expertise, to focus on optimal animal nutrition. Our product portfolio of research-proven animal feed supplements allows nutrients and minerals, naturally required by animals for sustainable food production, to be absorbed efficiently and without waste.

The basic science behind this is that combining these organic minerals with naturally occurring amino acids allows the animal to absorb their nutritional requirements effectively.

With a balanced diet, an animal is healthier and happier. A healthier and happier animal grows bigger and faster; the economic benefit is that less medical intervention is needed.


As a division within Chemuniqué, Distinct recognises the opportunity for significant improvement in the provision of digital solutions within the livestock industry. We are expanding our team and looking for individuals willing to take on the responsibilities and create processes that will allow us to expand beyond just our own group of companies and improve the sustainability and efficiencies that contribute to food security in southern Africa.

Our culture

A team of passionate people, committed to enhancing feed and food production in sub-Saharan Africa.

Recruitment process

Once you have been identified as a potential candidate for the role there will be 2 interviews:

  • First interview - With Distinct on a 'Microsoft Teams' video call, the team you will be working with, to discuss the opportunities requirements and responsibilities.
  • Second interview - Will be at our offices in Lanseria with Distinct and will include our 'Human capital development executive' and 'Managing Director' this discussion will mainly revolve around your fit into our strong company culture.
  • Letter of offer - Upon successful first and second interviews, should you meet the requirements, we will call you and send you a formal letter from our 'Human capital development executive' detailing the offer we will have discussed.

Please note: we make a point of letting you know your position during the interview process, if you do not meet our requirements we will let you know rather than 'Leaving you hanging' ;-)

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Google Apps
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The full Chemuniqué team
New Chemuniqué office in Lanseria
New Chemuniqué office in Lanseria
New Chemuniqué office in Lanseria
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