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21 Belmont Road, 2nd Floor, West Block, Tannery Park, Cape Town, Western Cape 7700, ZA

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What we do

Digemy is a multiple-award winning EdTech startup that has built its own adaptive e-learning platform. We tailor unique and accelerated learning journeys for our learners using algorithms based on neuroscientific principles. We don’t care much for pass rates and tick box exercises – we are passionate about real mastery and enabling learners to apply what they learn in their daily lives.
By doing this, we help organisations identify skills gaps that could be putting their business at risk, close those gaps using tailored repetition and help them increase their bottom-line profitability by optimising their most valuable asset: their people.
We create both business-to-business as well as business-to-consumer solutions, serve some of the biggest brands in Africa, were recognised as the 2nd best tech startup in Africa in 2019 according to Africa Tech Week, and one of the top20 small businesses according to the National Small Business Chamber in 2020.

Why Work For Us

We are a small but dynamic team based in Cape Town. We offer a flexible work environment, with a strong emphasis on personal and career development, and a values-driven approach to all that we do. We are committed to creating the world’s number one performance management tool, and creating meaningful change in the world of online education. We work with exciting B2B clients, ranging from big banks to startup incubators, and are also building our own school of excellence.
Our software is completely custom and owned by Digemy, this means that we welcome innovative and ambitious ideas that will take our learning platform to the next level.
We give you the scope to think big, own your role and drive our development roadmap forward, micromanaging is not our vibe.

Our Culture

At Digemy, we live by the values of Excellence, Stewardship, Accountability, Transparency, Integrity and Respect. We are as passionate about our employees’ growth and mastery as that of our end users. See a course that will take your skills up a level? Want to get your hands dirty in another area of the business? We’ll support you in that to ensure you’re always growing and motivated. We are a small team, so communication and support is important to us. We find plenty of ways to connect as individuals outside of the work context, whether that’s at an end of year Food Jams, Friday cocktail hour, or online pub quizzes.

Our Engineering Processes

Our software development is all done by our in-house developers but we do have outsourced developers and advisors. You will work most closely with the in-house function but will have access to all outsourced functions for ideas and advice. We currently have a small product team, but we are looking to increase our internal development capacity and competencies.

What the process currently looks like:

We work in 2-week sprints, where the items to be prioritised are discussed internally with the product team, you would form part of this discussion, items are then allocated to the respective resources.
Within this 2 week sprint, we also test, sign-off and merge the work agreed on in the sprint.

What we want the process to look like:

Like any startup that is starting to grow, we are looking to improve all processes we currently have in place. We are functional and we get the work done, but there is definitely room for improvement. You will work alongside our internal developers, outsourced advisors and both the Head of Technology and the Head of Product to build processes and pipelines to make Digemy a well-oiled machine.

Our Hiring Process

We have 3 interviews:

  1. Introductions - You will meet with our Operations Manager, Head of Technology, and Head of Product in this interview
    • Brief introductions on what do and who we are
    • Tell us a bit about yourself, where you would like to grow and what your past work experience has been
  2. The Technical Fit - You will meet with our software development team for this interview.
    • Do you have the right technical skills and capabilities for what we need?
    • Technical and 'real world' scenario questions will also be asked to test your thinking and problem-solving skills
  3. The Culture Fit - You will meet with our Managing Director and Head of Technology in this interview.
    • Are you aligned with our values?
    • Will you get along with the rest of the team?
    • What is your work ethic like?
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