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Why Work For Us? Because of our culture

At Datora we believe that your work shouldn’t be a job, and what you do every day should be challenging, fun, creative and a home away from home. By giving our team members the ability to work as individuals, but part of a team, a work-family where you can share ideas, work together, brainstorm problems, have a laugh, have a cry, even a rant (after you made sure you put the phone down!), a place where you have the power to make decisions that make a difference.
We believe in trust, transparency, being open about your ideas and opinions, delivering amazing and “out-of-the-box” thinking solutions, professionalism and having the desire to take the lead. We only want the best of best join us, people that aren’t afraid to take ownership of projects, people that have ambitions to grow and the desire to become Managers and Directors because these are the people that have the ability to think and reason in a way that leads to growth in our business. A collective team of powerful, creative, ambitious and unique minds, together creating a company we call Datora.

Who we are and what we do

Datora was started in 2011 as a small Business intelligence & analytics services company in the Banking industry. From there we have grown and now consist of four brands within Datora, from Business Intelligence, AI Robotics, Graphic Design & Marketing to IT. Each brand/team completely different from the other, but having the unique ability to share ideas and projects amongst themselves, allowing unique solutions based on different industries, giving each one of our team members the ability to have a different experience:

  • Datora IDT (Our Big Data Team): Our Data analytics, Business intelligence consulting division, providing unique and tailor-made Business Intelligence Management and Analytics solutions for the Banking Industry.
  • UniPath Robotics (Our Robot Engineers): Taking advantage of development in artificial intelligence and machine learning, UniPat. www.UniPath.co.za builds custom AI Robotic Process Automation solutions.
  • Trentino (The Creative Side): The team that wear Hawaiian shorts and flipflops! Trentino is our marketing, Graphic design and Web. www.Trentino.co.za development studio. From creating ad campaigns through to developing online CRM and large-scale online platforms.
  • Techora ITC (The Tech Guys): From fixing your mouse to running the Technology infrastructure for large multinational firms. Our Tech firm supplies IT, infrastructure Telkoms and network solutions to both SME and Large Enterprises. www.Techora.co.za

Will you fit in?

You’re one of us if..

  • You can be trusted with each one of our lives
  • You don’t want to just be another number or employee
  • You’re interested in new ways of working
  • You act and behave like a leader and manager
  • You take initiative and don’t wait to be told what to do at the start of each day
  • You take pride in the elegance of your code & work, and you are accountable for its quality
  • You want more than doing the same thing all day, every day
  • You have a range of dev skills, and can think outside the confines of a single language
  • You strive for expertise in the languages you know by internalising and implementing best practice
  • You share your experience and experiments with your colleagues
  • You are turned on by a business or creative problem that needs a unique solution
  • You will solve that problem until it begs for mercy
  • You believe in process, not red tape
  • You’re agile and adaptable
  • You don’t want a job, you want a passion
  • You want someone to think of you as a mentor
  • You will never stop learning
  • You value mutually-respectful relationships with your colleagues
  • You loathe stagnation
  • You identify emerging languages, software, ideas and approaches to what we do, and you investigate whether they will make you a better team member

Our Hiring Process

Qualifications and experience don't mean you're automatically the right fit for our team. Our culture and how we work requires people that have ambition, can manage themselves, think and act with authority and confidence in their abilities and skills, passionate about what they do and that means they are always willing to learn and grow, and no matter what, be able to work as hard as we play.

We believe that hiring the right type of person goes hand-in-hand with the right skill set, and as such, we follow a 2 step interview process.

During the 1st interview, technical know-how and experience are evaluated. This interview will be conducted by our CTO, who has more than 20 years experience development and development, as well as one of our senior developers.
The second interview is conducted by our CEO and focusses less on technical ability and more on personality, a way of thinking and career objectives.

Flexible working hours
Performance bonuses
Profit share options
Remote working
Secure basement parking bay
No dress code
Flexible leave policy
Office recreation centre
Study support and funding programs
Salary structuring for tax
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Google Analytics

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Google apps
Google Apps
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