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109A (2nd Floor) The Foundry Building, 74 Prestwich Street, Green Point, CPT

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DataProphet is a leading global AI provider for Industry 4.0, improving quality and yield in manufacturing. Through advanced machine learning, its AI solution suite is proven to reduce defects and scrap by at least 50 percent and improve plant efficiency. DataProphet’s technology actively prescribes optimal control parameter settings to refine production performance. DataProphet has a team of 40 engineers, mathematicians, data and computer scientists committed to deliver actionable insights and measurable impact to realise continuous improvement.

We pride ourselves on working very closely with our clients to develop machine learning powered solutions to gather insights on hidden patterns within their data for commercial benefit. Through a combination of Machine Learning expertise, Management consulting and systems development experience, we deliver simple-to-use services that return accurate, low level and actionable predictions which can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure. Over the past four years, we have delivered bleeding edge deep learning environments and models across multiple industries including Financial services, Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare and Gaming.

Our models have repeatedly outperformed larger multinational companies and we recently received further recognition by winning the Mercedes Benz Innovation Challenge. DataProphet boasts an experienced and qualified team of 30, with diverse skill sets in Data Science, Engineering, Statistics and Computer Science with the capability and experience across various industries globally.

Our Hiring Process

  • Initial meeting with Talent Team
  • Technical test -Devskiller - We find it helpful to gage the kind of thinking a developer has. We use the content of the test as a feeder into the interview.

Benefits of taking our test on time
If you successfully complete the test within 24 hours and you will receive a R500 Takealot voucher. After 3 days, if completed successfully you will get a R200 Takealot voucher

  • Technical interview with the Tech team
  • Final culture fit interview with Dr. Michael Grant who is the CTO of Dataprophet
Great coffee
Open balcony and courtyard area
Stimulating and exciting start-up culture
Wide selection of snacks
Working with a great team on cutting-edge technology
Exposure to diverse projects spread across the globe!
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon VPC
Microsoft Azure
React Native




Amazon Route 53
Amazon SES

Business Tools