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Eagle Canyon Office Park, FlexiSpace, Block C, Floor 1, Corner Dolfyn Street & Jan Frederick Avenue, Randpark Ridge.

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ComUnity revolutionises the way organisations succeed in a rapidly evolving digital world. Our low code, rapid digitisation platform significantly increases the speed, quality, and cost efficiency of digitising any operating model or building and running sophisticated digital products. ComUnity connects data, choreographs digital operations, builds and manages wrap-around consumer application experiences that run on every type of consumer device and digital channel.

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Our Culture

Our commitment to shaping the world we want to live in takes more than an idea, it takes people. It is our people who change the world and our people philosophy is guided by who we are, what our purpose is, and our values.

Who are we?
At Community, we reinvent the world digitally. But what does that mean? It means that if you believe the status quo is the best it can be, you won’t fit in at Comunity. We are relentless in our quest to reengineer the future to be better than the present, even when the present is good. It also means that we are frequently out of our comfort zone and in the unknown. If this scares you, great! If it scares you off, not so great.

What is our purpose?
Our purpose is to create an enterprise grade platform that will improve the way systems, individuals, and communities connect and integrate. What this means in practice, is that we use our deep technology, business and societal skills to help create a better, more integrated world. Complex problems that are too intimidating for everyone else is what attracts us. If you want to join a group of people who will pitch in and energetically help each other to change the world, and are prepared to take on the challenge, this is the place for you.

Our Values.
Curiosity, Resilience, Collaboration, Bravery, Learning.

We have 5 core values that we aspire to, and challenge ourselves to live up to. This is how they manifest in our daily lives.

We strive to attract really smart problem solvers. But being smart is only the beginning. We have the BRAVERY to take on challenges that are by definition out of our comfort zone. For this reason we look for people who are always restless when it comes to their LEARNING. We are constantly learning. If you go a week working at Comunity without learning something new, we have failed you.
Due to our deep levels of CURIOSITY, we are always be comfortable in the unknown. The scale of our goals means that we are working on solutions that have not yet been invented, and as smart as our people are, the complexity of what we tackle means that we need to have some appetite for failure. Our RESILIENCE allows us to be undaunted, re-evaluate, and move forward. We believe that if we only work on problems that we already know can be solved, we will never push the world forward.
When we are trying to solve problems in ways that have never been done before, we can’t think in a one dimensional way. Having different viewpoints can sometimes be uncomfortable, but when these viewpoints are shared and synthesized with respect and true COLLABORATION, we solve the unsolvable. We are only at our best when every voice counts.

The above describes Comunity. It is our aspiration. We occasionally fall short, but because of our respect for one another and our bravery in tackling difficult issues, we hold one another accountable to live in a way that ensures we realise our aspiration, regardless of our position in the company.


The above is a description of who we are and will hopefully give an idea of who will fit here. But we also realise that there are many people who are highly intelligent, driven and skilful who simply won’t fit here. This is not a reflection on them personally, but they will build more meaningful careers somewhere else. So let’s look at some of those examples.

Competitive. There are many people who are driven by competing against those that are around them. This is a great fit for many organisations, but not ours. At ComUnity, we are highly competitive, but we compete against the problems we choose to solve. Not against each other. This may sound like a subtle distinction, but it is an important one. We value collaboration above internal competition. While we try and always recognise and acknowledge the efforts and input of individuals, we have learned that we are most likely to achieve an extraordinary solution when no one cares who gets the credit.

Ambiguity. If you are completely incapable of existing in the grey, or in-between spaces, you will not be comfortable here. We try and be as clear as possible about the outcomes we want to achieve and your role in achieving them. Despite this, we embrace the ambiguity that can occur, even if it is uncomfortable. An example could be the natural tension between being self-driven and collaborative. We realise that there is a tension between our value of collaboration and being able to also work independently. Both are crucial to your success here. While we are all pulling towards the same goal, we will often collaborate in some parts of a project, but then split up and do the detail work independently. If you are someone who needs constant direction you may struggle here. There is always support, but it will be up to you to ask for it.

Need for titles or constant promotion. If these things are important to you, this may be the wrong place for you. The people who fit best at ComUnity are far more driven by constant learning than titles. Technical skills growth, soft skills growth, personal growth, professional growth is what drives those who thrive here. We have a very flat structure. So what do we offer in exchange for those constant micro promotions and title changes you see in other businesses? We offer constant learning, the ability to grow your earning potential, working on the coolest tech in the industry, and exposure to the most complex challenges in the industry. This sort of exposure and real growth is very difficult to get anywhere else.

We essentially have only 2 levels. There is the executive group who work on the business, and then we have the people who work in the business.
It is the people who work in the business who essentially create our product, and make us who we are. For this reason, we are rather untraditional in our approach to what leadership means. In a traditional business, the people who create the product or service, report to and are controlled by the executives.
At Community, we believe that the executives report to the people who work in the business. The job of this executive is to secure the customers that will allow our people to do the most challenging work possible; to set the vision as to what the future should look like; and to provide the best environment for our extraordinary people to do their best work.
For this reason, we feel that accountability flows equally in both directions and if you have too strong a respect for authority, we will need to support you in changing that. We respect people, not positions.

We start with the assumption that we have employed driven and skilled people who will thrive in our business. We believe that if the environment is a good fit and the work meaningful, then people will be naturally high performers. We also realise though, that because we are continually stretching ourselves we may occasionally fall short of our audacious goals. This in itself should not be considered poor performance as that would only encourage the setting of mediocre goals, and that is not us.
In saying this we also realise that people need clarity on how their performance will be measured and what it will be measured against.

What we do promise, is regular feedback on how you are doing and how you can improve. Our belief in holding each other accountable regardless of position means that we will always be brave when needing to have uncomfortable conversations, but challenge you to do the same in holding the executive to account in ensuring you have what you need to succeed.

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