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KWV Head Office, 57 Main Road, Paarl, South Africa, 7646

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What We Do

We understand that the people who use our software are busy folks in the financial advice space and that they are interested in answers, not features. So we build opinionated cloud-based software that offers the most simple, easy-to-use experience possible, with all the heavy lifting, intelligence and know-how operating under the covers, out the way, where it belongs. Steve Jobs would have been proud 👍

The Tech Stack

With a predominantly open-source focus, the platform is built on a Java core (Play Framework) with a micro service architecture.
We incorporate technologies like Postgres, Redis, Google Firebase and AWS.
We build beautiful BI dashboards on an embedded visual analytics engine, support extensively customisable reports and data exports via an embedded reporting engine and integrate with numerous 3rd party solutions via SOAP and Restful integration patterns.
Soon we will start incorporating AI (machine learning) to identify patterns, trends and anomalies, in order to highlight those to said busy people ☝️

Why Work For Us

You will get to help shape the future of the platform by being involved with everything from strategy and architectural decisions to hands-on, core development.
You'll get exposure to a wide array of vertical and cross-cutting concerns, in a cloud-based company with bright team players who take pride in what we're building.
Over time you could choose to specialise in any of the areas of the platform, e.g. core backend development, front-end/UI, integration, BI, data analytics and reporting.
Did we mention the flexible working hours and remote work options? 😎

Our Culture

In a word: #culturematters
We believe in flat team structures, teamwork and communication.
We embrace the principles of the Agile Manifesto.
We put the team first. Everything else, including client satisfaction, growth and revenue, flows from that.
The founding team quit the corporate rat race and started this company with the 2 primary goals of

  1. building software solutions that solve real problems and
  2. to have fun while doing it.

We don't have an overtime policy, because working long hours as a rule sucks. That said, if you're a midnight-owl instead of an early-bird-catches-the-worm type, then you do you (we're interested in results remember, not clock-watching).

Our Engineering Processes

Agile. Devops. You design it, you build it, you test it, you deploy it, you fix it (a la the AWS model).

Our Hiring Process

White-board-based, trick-question interviews are for losers (your skills are listed on your CV, right?).
Being able to explain why manhole covers are round, tells us nothing of whether you can get the job done.
Instead, we have a face-to-face, honest discussion where we talk shop, feel each other out for a technical, culture and aspirations fit, then we take it from there.

Great team
Remote Working
No Dress Code
Flexible Hours
Creative Freedom
Flexible Leave Policy
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Spring Framework


New Relic


Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps
Our offices are in the historic KWV Head Office building in Paarl
Ok, so we don't always dress up like this... but this is really where we have our client meetings and planning sessions!
Complete with barista who knows how we like our coffee 😎

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