About Codehesion


Southdowns Office Park, 22 Karee St, Irene, Centurion, 0062

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Codehesion is an ambitious, growing and excellence-driven software development company in Gauteng, South Africa.

Our developers make an impact in the world by being responsible for and having authority on new, exciting projects that go into the hands of real users within a few months.

Our team is welcoming and helpful. We are a closely-knit, collaborative group that work together to deliver exceptional software for our clients that we can take personal pride in. We work together to consistently set up best practices and standards to benefit the way we develop and the software we put out into the world.

Codehesion sets up a working environment where you learn at a rapid pace and where you are challenged to make the ultimate impact on the work you do.

We specialise in well-planned, well-executed back-end development, front-end development and mobile apps. We use the following technologies:

  • .Net / C# for enterprise-grade back-end projects
  • Ruby on Rails for rapid development back-end projects
  • React Native for cross-platform mobile app development
  • React and Angular for web front-end dev

We have fun with monthly team excursions, table tennis games, chess games, guitar and bass guitar sessions, etc.

Codehesion is a place to grow and become a multi-talented developer, have fun with a great team while doing it, and take pride in what you do.

Variety of problems to solve
Best practices development
Consistent feedback and growth opportunity
A helpful team and mentoring
Table Tennis, Guitars, Chess
Flexible working week
Monthly team building
Company macbook or other
Gaming chair
Tight, collaborative team
Tech Stack

Application and Data

React Native