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Catawiki is on a mission to build a world-class tech team through OfferZen.

Catawiki is committed to drive growth and innovation in the tech community.

Catawiki, Europe’s leading curated online marketplace for special objects, announced a €150 million investment.

Founded in 2008 in the Netherlands, Catawiki has grown into the most-visited curated marketplace for special objects in Europe, providing a safe and reliable experience to over 10 million passionate users. Every object is carefully selected by one of its 240+ in-house experts who are specialised in collectables, art, design, jewellery, watches, classic cars and more. Its unique business model has earned a strong vote of confidence from its users, enabling the company to earn over 80% of its revenue from returning buyers and sellers.

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The Catawiki Story

A piece of the moon, a complete dinosaur skeleton, the Pope's hat, the world's smallest book - at Catawiki, we come across exceptional objects such as these every single day. As Europe’s fastest-growing online auction platform, our mission is to make special objects available to everyone.

In fact, 14 million users are buying and selling on Catawiki every month. This means we are continually growing and always on the lookout for new talent.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, we started in 2008 as a platform where collectors could manage their collections online. Yet, times change, ideas evolve, and in 2011 we hosted our first online auction and we haven’t looked back since! We’ve now grown to 500 Catawikians working across 7 international offices and are proud to have maintained our start-up mentality.

Why Work For Us

A diverse and international team with over 40 different nationalities, located in the heart of Amsterdam and Assen with an easy-going atmosphere.

The Catawiki Community gathers everyone together for everything from ‘CataFooty’ to International Food Festivals, Friday Drinks, Board Game Nights, Pub Quizzes and Boot Camps!

Our Engineering Processes

You will be part of a team focused on a particular domain within Catawiki and contribute your ideas and efforts to grow the business and innovate the product. Each team is usually composed of Frontend, Backend, and Mobile Developers together with a Product Owner, a UX Designer and a Data Scientist.

How we roll

As the biggest marketplace for special items, Catawiki operates in a market, which brings a lot of unusual challenges and opportunities. You will be developing, testing and scaling our microservices, written in Ruby and some of them in Go, to handle the high volume served by the platform every single day. We do this by using Infrastructure as Code principles, collaborative peer-reviews, delivering code to production multiple times a day, A/B testing every assumption, making mistakes, learning from them, and iterating quickly.

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