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Developed for advisors because financing can be much smarter

The financing landscape is changing: new providers are storming the market, and financing for SMEs no longer necessarily goes through the bank. Chances are, you would say. Sure! Only: the process of applying for an SME loan stuck somewhere in the 1980s. You still wait weeks for a fairly simple decision: yes or no. As an SME adviser, you offer an extra service to customers when you reach several financiers at once. With one application that is quickly assessed. Through one partner. Ideal, such a counter. Exactly, and that's why there is Capsearch.

Financing SMEs can be done smarter

With traditional financiers, the advisory model is under pressure: fewer relationship managers, more doing yourself. Result: the intermediary becomes even more important in the financing process. As a consultant, you quickly lose the overview due to all those new sources of money and lenders. What new initiatives are there? Which financier wants to know exactly what? You can figure it out separately each time, but that takes time. And therefore money. In short: enough work, but it can be done smarter. Much smarter.

It is not that hard

The financial specialists behind Capsearch developed a platform from their market experience that brings together supply and demand for SME financing. It is simple, fast and effective. You prepare one application, which you send to various financiers in one go - from banks to crowdfunds and from lease to factoring companies. This way everyone benefits: providers receive the correct information for the assessment and your customers have a faster chance of a better match. Moreover, as an advisor you have more time for advice and you have an overview of a complex market.

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