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About Capmo

Capmo is the leading B2B SaaS company in the DACH region that simplifies the tedious core processes in construction management with intuitive software. With its intuitive, digital solution for SMEs in the construction and real estate industry, Capmo allows processes across all construction phases to be holistically digitized, centrally controlled and all stakeholders coordinated.

Capmo is the digital partner on construction sites, with over 12k projects delivered faster and more successfully with the help of our platform. We enable architects, engineers, project managers and contractors to collaborate efficiently and run lean and optimized projects. We are one of the fastest-growing B2B SaaS companies in Europe and stay true to our mission of making hard things in construction feel easy.

Help us continue to revolutionize the industry! Find out more about us and come join us in our engineering hubs in Berlin and Munich, or work remotely from your home.

No bullshit Culture

We at Capmo believe that values exist to truly live by them. They aren’t just some fancy-sounding words that appear on the corporate website!

So here are the four values, which build the cornerstones for our working environment:

💚 Care personally, challenge directly
- We care personally about the individual needs and priorities of our colleagues and customers. An essential part of how we communicate is to directly, honestly, and proactively communicate the good, the bad and the ugly.

🤝 Give and take responsibility
- We know that delivering results requires strong focus, alignment and clear goals. Therefore, we accept full ownership for our commitments, and empower others to achieve their goals autonomously.

🏆 Win as a team
- We are always there to support each other, collaboratively work on our goals, encourage diverse perspectives, and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

🚀 Learn fast, grow fast
- We are curious, believe learning is imperative, and making mistakes natural, when taking courageous decisions that challenge the status quo. We actively set time aside for learning and hold each other accountable to grow - personally & professionally.

Our Hiring Process

1️⃣ Initial Interiew - In the first interview with your Talent Acquisition Manager, we would like to get to know you: Who are you, what drives you, and what do you want to achieve? You will get first insights into Capmo and our way of working and you can ask us your questions.

2️⃣ Impact Interview - In the second round, you will meet one of our engineering managers. The purpose of this interview is to determine whether you will be a suitable fit for Capmo’s Product Engineering team. Your career objectives and professional ambitions are displayed here so that you can see if they align with ours.

3️⃣ Technical interview - In round three you will get to know a future colleague of yours. In a technical deep dive, you can show what you are capable of and prove in a practical case that you are the absolute best person for this position. In this interview, you also have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

4️⃣ Peer and founder interview - The final interview day is all about your personal and company cultural fit. In the Peer Interview, your future colleagues will ask you for some real-life examples to see if you match our values. In the Founder Interview, you will learn from our founder and CTO, where we want to go with Capmo. Use this opportunity to ask your questions and clarify any last ambiguities.

We want to see you grow! That’s why we are offering you 1.500 € every year, to invest into your learning and development. That also includes going to your favorite tech conferences!
Be proud of who you are! You’ll have a Culture Day (time off) that you can take when you’ll need it, be it Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Diwali, Eid or other occasions dear to you.
Come on over to Berlin or Munich, or just stay where you are! We will be supporting you with your visa and provide you with a relocation budget. If you’d like to work remotely from a different city/country we’ll be happy to accommodate that, and provide you with a home office budget!
Life does not always have a schedule. Don’t worry, we’re very flexible when it comes to working hours!
We’ll help you stay healthy - body and mind! We’ll be subsidizing your membership to Qualitrain (gyms & wellness) or your daily lunch with Lunchit, while also caring for your mental health and stress management with MinQi
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