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Longpoint Building, 484 Bradfield Drive, Magaliessig. Johannesburg 2191

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The small scale commercial and industrial (“C&I”) rooftop solar potential around the world today, especially in the sun-rich regions that span India, Africa and Southeast Asia, represents an immense opportunity. India alone has an estimated 70GW of rooftop potential with only a tiny fraction of this developed to date. By harnessing the power of the sun through the installation, financing and operation of solar PV assets, candi takes advantage of this huge untapped potential in order to free up capital for small and medium sized businesses (“SMEs”) by lowering their effective power price, and in so doing drives positive change in the environment and the wider economy.

Why Work For Us

Our candi team members are those who live out the candi values every day of your employment: this includes getting it done as one, being authentic (no matter what), ensuring that empathy always comes before ego, and working by the candi principle that 'less is more'. We give opportunities to to dynamic, cross-functional team players, who are willing to take initiative on projects in the context of a multicultural scale-up trying to execute big, bold ideas. We encourage openness, honesty, trustworthiness, strong communication, and understand that what we get done as a team surpasses what we get done individually. candi is unique because... 1) We focus exclusively on helping SMEs in emerging markets get access to cheap, clean rooftop solar energy; 2) We have a strong emphasis on a client-centric & innovation-driven working culture and 3) We are an international team where remote working is commonplace, where we trust our team members to actively carve out a role for themselves according to their skillset.

Our Culture

Our culture can be summed in our four values which are incredibly important to us:
1) Less is more
2) Authenticity, no matter what
3) Empathy before ego
4) Get it done as one

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process usually consists of three rounds of interviews - this could be remote interviews or face-to-face interviews. This gives potential candidates the opportunity to meet several members of the candi team and we aim to give candidates a thorough understanding of candi.

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