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Tuinhof Corporate Park, Block C, 265 West Avenue, Centurion, 0157

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OfferZen Partner

Boxfusion is an OfferZen partner committed to building a world-class tech team through OfferZen.

Boxfusion is invested in developing the local tech community.

Boxfusion’s MVP Approach for Fast Implementation of Mass COVID-19 Screening

Boxfusion helped the Gauteng Health Dept. systematise mass COVID-19 screenings with tight deadlines and novel problems. Here's how, using an MVP approach.

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What we do

It's simple. We are a software development company focused on digitally transforming the public sector and enabling the most efficient and transparent government institutions in South Africa and beyond.

Since 2010, our team of top-notch developers, has been digitising and automating government one department at a time, and is reshaping the way government operates in over 70 government institutions and SOEs, touching millions of lives in the process.

Why Work For Us

To learn, grow and contribute in a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment, tackling difficult problems through the use of some cutting-edge technologies to make a meaningful impact. At Boxfusion your skills can change the country, for good.

  • We have a relaxed and flexible yet results-orientated culture
  • You will work with passionate, talented and dedicated people
  • You will help build award-winning solutions as part of an award-winning company (Boxfusion has won Microsoft awards for the past two years running) that has global ambitions
  • You will grow and help others grow - We have a strong emphasis on growth and learning with time dedicated just for learning and teaching other Boxfusioners
  • You will make an impact by delivering solutions that matter to millions of citizens in South Africans and beyond

Our Mission

Technology has revolutionised our world. Now, it’s time to bring that digital revolution to government in South Africa and beyond. A transformed government can result in a transformed society. In the Digital Age, citizens have come to expect the public service to be as responsive, and as accessible, as ordering an Uber, buying groceries online or streaming series.

The software we design is reshaping the very way government operates, from essential daily back-office functions to citizen-facing applications.

Your IT skills are needed to make a difference in the country today. At Boxfusion you will work with a team of smart, young, passionate people developing some of the cutting edge solutions in government and committed to bringing that change.

Our Culture

Boxfusion is a true reflection of what a modern South African technology firm aspires to be.

That is why we are very specific about the individuals that we bring in to our team. We go out our way to find individuals that mirror our drive for excellence and have an innate desire to get things done, but also importantly, we are focused on building a team that is passionate about seeing the public sector flourish. Our team consists of individuals from all walks of life including the private and public sector and young individuals that have been with us since they left University.

We are growing at a rapid pace and we are looking to bring in a diverse group of individuals to help us innovate and strengthen the core team and the future of our amazing product offering.

At Boxfusion hard work and dedication gets rewarded and all team members are given an opportunity to show their strengths and learn. That is why we give everybody the opportunity to dig in on all aspects of our product delivery pipeline. If you are interested in working on multiple platforms from mobile, web, devops, testing, etc. you will not be out of place at our company.

We have a very vibrant environment where we encourage all teams to interact and socialise over a game of ping pong or pool when things get tough and every three months we have our customary Boxfusion day where we encourage all employees to let loose and enjoy each others company outside of the office. If you are looking to be challenged in the morning and cool down over a game of pool to clear your mind in the afternoon then you are definitely a fit for our company.

Our organisation structure is very transparent and all employees regularly get to interact with and get to know the leadership of the company. We are currently at around 110 Boxfusioners and growing rapidly.

Our Engineering Processes

We are organised into cross-functional teams, typically ranging from 3 to 12 members, including project managers, analysts, developers and testers, focused on creating or enhancing our amazing products or bespoke customer solutions.

We employ an agile development methodology managed on Azure DevOps to manage all work items, automated build and release pipelines and testing.

We are Microsoft Gold Application Development partner so our technology stack tends to be Microsoft and Azure centric with a good set of open source libraries and tools to top it up. We strive to take advantage of the latest technologies and tooling to keep our skills relevant and products on the cutting edge.

For our web front-end we use React, Next.Js with a bunch of associated libraries.
On the mobile side we use Xamarin and ReactNative as the core technology and AppCenter for monitoring and management.
On the back-end we predominantly rely on C# on ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET MVC and , with Sql Server and MongoDB being our databases of choice.

The majority of our solutions get deployed and managed on the Azure cloud and integrating some cool AI capabilities using Azure Cognitive services into our product set.

Our Hiring Process

For Dev roles we have a two stage hiring process:

  • Stage 1 - Remote interview over Zoom consisting of:
    • 30-45 mins - Intro and cultural fit interview: We try to get to know you better and figure out whether we would be a good fit from a culture/values perspective. We'll naturally share more about Boxfusion, where it comes from, what we do, how we do it, and our aspirations.
    • 25 mins - Logical Reasoning aptitude test

After the Stage 1 interview we review the results and strive to get back to you within 24 hours to confirm progression to the second stage 2.

  • Stage 2 - On-site Visit and Assessment
    • 2 hrs - Technical Interview: You'll spend the first portion completing a coding exercise after which you will have a more interactive technical interview and assessment with some of our senior developers. It's also your chance to check-out our environment and interact with our people and make sure it's the kind of place you can see yourself working in.
Remote working option
Annual Xmas bonus based on company and personal performance
Obligatory pool and table tennis facilities :)
Flexible working hours
No dress code
Medical aid
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Microsoft Azure
React Native
AI Platform
.NET Core


New Relic
Azure DevOps

Business Tools

Google Apps
Microsoft Teams
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